4chan Has a Plan to Shut Down All the Creepy Children’s Video Proliferating on YouTube

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By William Hicks | 9:27 pm, June 23, 2017
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It’s an open secret on YouTube that “toy channels” or channels producing videos for children are insanely fucked up. Not all, but some make bizarrely sexual, graphic content that receives millions of views from unsuspecting kids.

We’ve written about the sexual Elsa and Spiderman videos, where actors in from Vietnam or former Soviet bloc countries pantomime strange sexual situations. We wrote a piece on sexual Minecraft videos, and even popular, mainstream videos that film disgusting poop videos with child actors. There’s also dozens of subcategories we never covered, like Mickie Mouse scat and piss videos, disturbing Russian child bondage videos, and so much more.

The videos use keywords children are likely to search, like popular Disney characters, poop, fart or toilet. They are able to ensnare the attention of children and rack up millions of views, which earn the creators thousands in shared ad revenue with YouTube.

The proliferation of these age-inappropriate videos has been happening for years, with YouTube doing little to stop it.

But leave it to the folks at 4chan/pol/ to take it a step further. According to the “Elsagate” conspiracy theory, these videos are part of an elaborate conspiracy to groom children for sex. They believe pedophiles are using these videos to desensitize children to violence, kidnapping and graphic sexual content.

The 4channers are now working to shut these channels down and investigate the possible darker crimes of the people who make them.

They are also trying to prove that actual pedophiles are watching some of these videos for their enjoyment. There exists a large amount of videos of real children in various situations that could be considered fetishes. Bondage, close ups on feet, syringes to the butt and playing with fake poop are common scenes in some of these kids channels.

Most of the pedophilia connections are just speculative. Many of these channels, while disgusting and unethical, were primarily made for children, not for pedos with fetishes.

But 4channers did manage to find a few comments on some videos with what appear to be actual pedophiles on a Russian kid’s video.




Another 4channer even claimed he found actual child porn on YouTube.

Last night one user was looking at a particular channel and found that one of the commenters on one of the “Elsagate” videos had posted a video to YouTube of a child masturbating a grown man. The account has since been taken down off YouTube.

This opened up a rabbit hole, where commenters in the 4chan thread found a number of Portuguese videos featuring naked children. These types of Portuguese videos were uncovered about a month ago on Reddit /r/YouTube, but it seems many still remain on the site.

YouTube is an open video uploading platform, so conceivably anyone could upload any heinous video they please, but it is up to YouTube to take them down quickly. Many users in both the Reddit and 4chan thread feared getting arrested, simply for visiting the pages of the videos in order to report them.

The goal of Elsagate on 4chan is to spread information about these videos to “normies’ and parents with infographics and memes, with the goal of getting the channels shut down. By posting about it on Facebook and Twitter, where normal adjusted people browses, presumably the movement could get some momentum.

While any kind of overarching conspiracy on why so many of these types of videos exist is pure conjecture, the fact remains that they do exist. YouTube is filled with creepy videos targeting children in what seems to be a growing and incredibly popular trend.

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