287 Video Game Creators Urge Gamers to Vote for Hillary Clinton

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By William Hicks | 11:18 am, November 7, 2016

Game creators from a wide swath of the industry came together to sign a letter telling gamers to vote for Hillary Clinton.

The number is now up to 287. Developers, writers, designers from titles like Red Dead Redemption and Plants vs Zombies and card games like Magic: The Gathering want you to know that Hillary’s like, totally the choice for radical, hardcore gamers. Like Mountain Dew and Doritos, amirite guyz?

Just look at the definitely-not-desperate sounding text of the letter.

Hillary Clinton is the aunt who bought you your first box of Dungeons & Dragons because she heard it promoted literacy and problem solving skills. She’d rather be a healer, but she’ll be the tank when she needs to. She knows that characters of any race or gender should qualify equally for any class, without level limits or ability score penalties. She counts the pieces before you start assembling the jigsaw puzzle. She settled Catan before anyone else thought it was a good idea. She likes co-op games because she knows we’re stronger together.

Are they talking about the same Hillary Clinton who once compared violent video games to lead exposure? And who launched a legislative campaign against video games over a nonissue in the mid 2000s? Yep.

Honestly, both candidates suck when it comes to video games. Donald Trump once said violent video games are creating monsters right after the Sandy Hook shooting. To try to say that either president is the go-to choice for gamers is completely disingenuous.

Clinton can’t even operate a desktop computer as far as we know, let alone play a video game, and Trump probably wouldn’t fare much better.

So let’s stop acting like there’s a “gamer’s” candidate. They’re both truly terrible.

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