WIKILEAKS: Univision Boss Praised Hillary Clinton’s ‘Magic’

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By Andrew Stiles | 12:52 pm, October 21, 2016
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Haim Saban, the Israeli-American media mogul who owns the Spanish-language network Univision, praised Hillary Clinton’s “magic” in an email to top campaign staff in March 2016.

In the email exchange, published by WikiLeaks on Friday, Saban wrote that Hillary “did her magic” during a speech in Florida, and “was very different fresh personal and inspiring.” Saban signed the email, “Onward and forward.”

Saban, who has donated at least $10 million to the Clinton Foundation, appears in a number of the emails obtained by WikiLeaks. In a July 2015 exchange, for example, Saban urged the Clinton campaign to attack Donald Trump aggressively for being an anti-Hispanic racist.


Top Hillary handler Huma Abedin agreed that the Florida speech was “amazing” and the crowd of “all those Univision viewers” had “loved her.”

Saban responded somewhat cryptically to Abedin’s comment about Univision viewers. “I love the [Univision] viewers … for many reasons … basically 2,” he wrote, adding a smiley face emoji.