WIKILEAKS: Top CEOs Wanted a Private Meeting With Clinton, Couldn’t Afford to Pay ‘Her Normal Speaking Fees’

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 3:26 pm, October 25, 2016
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Times must bad that if even the CEO of America’s richest corporations can’t afford Hillary Clinton’s speaking fees.

In an email exchange from 2015 revealed by Wikileaks on Tuesday, a representative of the Business Council, an association comprised of top CEOs from Fortune 100 companies, approached Clinton campaign’s chairman John Podesta to organize a private meeting with Hillary — but claimed the group won’t be able to “pay her normal speaking fees,” which at the time were typically in excess of $200,000, plus travel and lodging.

The Business Council is an independent group, chaired by Amazon’s CEO and owner of the Washington Post Jeff Bezos, that consists of more hundreds of CEOs from companies such as MasterCard, The Carlyle Group, The Boeing Company and others.

The council exerts immense influence on the president, despite being not a government body. In a speech during his first term, President Obama claimed that “every president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt has sought the advice of The Business Council.”


In the email to Podesta, Business Council representative Melissa Moss wrote: “I think it would be a great group for her to talk with and because it is private, think she could engage in real conversations with them. I would also be delighted to help set up some one off meetings for her with some CEO’s if that would be helpful.”

But Hillary’s asking price was a bit too steep.

“I am pretty sure the Business Council will not be able pay her normal speaking fees – but could pay her hotel room/expenses etc if she can stay in the area for a couple days to be able to participate in the meeting”, Moss added.

Clinton campaign’s chairman didn’t reply to the request, but forwarded it to top Clinton aide Huma Abedin, with a note “Just forwarding not recommending.” Abedin replied that she “will follow up.”

It will not surprise you to learn that the Hillary did not attend the Business Council meeting in the end, and was presumably insulted that they couldn’t afford her.