WIKILEAKS: Washington Post Reporter Wanted to Write Book About John Podesta If She Got a ‘Good Advance’

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By Andrew Stiles | 4:07 pm, October 24, 2016
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Juliet Eilperin, the White House┬ábureau chief for the Washington Post, wanted to write a book about Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, but only if she received a “good advance,” according to emails published by WikiLeaks.

In an May 2015 email exchange, Eilperin wrote Podesta and Clinton communications aide Jennifer Palmieri to discuss her proposal for a book on “the role [Podesta has] played in the Democratic Party over the course of the last few decades,” which would examine topics such as “what does it mean to be a progressive and key environmental decisions.”

The book would not be a biography, Eilperin wrote, but rather a work that “helps explain how Washington works, by examining how someone behind the scenes has helped move the levers of government and operated the machinery of campaigns.”

Eilperin would only write the book under certain (financial) conditions, she explained. “And of course, if the book doesn’t garner a good advance I won’t write it, because I’ve got plenty of other things on my plate.”


Podesta replied that, because the Clinton campaign was still in its early stages, he was too busy at the moment and would have to follow up.

Podesta, who has held top roles in the Bill Clinton administration, as a Washington, D.C. lobbyist, at the Center for American Progress, in the Obama administration, and now the Hillary Clinton campaign, has been a fixture of Democrats politics for decades. He also believes in UFOs.