WIKILEAKS: ISIS-Funding Qatar Gave Bill Clinton a $1 Million Check for His Birthday

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By Andrew Stiles | 11:11 am, October 13, 2016

The  government of Qatar promised Bill Clinton a $1 million check for his birthday in 2011, according to emails published by WikiLeaks.

In an April 2012 email to Clinton Foundation officials, Ami Desai, the foundation’s foreign policy director, summarized his meeting with the ambassadors from several countries, including Qatar.

According to Desai, the representatives from Qatar “would like to see [Bill Clinton] ‘for five minutes’ in NYC, to present $1 million check that Qatar promised for WJC’s birthday in 2011.”

The Qataris were also interested in suggestions for how to spend the $20 million they donated as part of the Haiti earthquake relief.


The Qatari government has donated millions to the Clinton Foundation over the years, and was the only foreign government donor to the foundation that also actively lobbied the state department when Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state. Additionally, Bill Clinton has pocketed between $500,000 and $1 million for two speeches sponsored by Qatari entities.

The Clintons’ cozy relationship with Qatar is unusual given that Hillary has repeatedly accused the Qatari government of funneling money to terrorist groups such as ISIS.