WIKILEAKS: Neera Tanden Said Hillary Clinton Should ‘Beat The Shit’ Out of a Staffer Before Big Interview

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By Andrew Stiles | 1:34 pm, November 5, 2016
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Hillary Clinton should “beat the shit out of a punch doll” or campaign staffer to prepare for an upcoming interview on NBC, Clinton pal Neera Tanden suggested in a September 2015 email.

In the email exchange, published by Wikileaks on Saturday, Tanden offers her “unsolicited advice” ahead of Hillary’s big interview with her friend Andrea Mitchell to discuss her email controversy.

“Have her beat the shit out of a punch doll (or maybe a staff)…so she would be warm and charming in the interview,” Tanden wrote, adding some insight based on her experience with Clinton’s 2008 primary campaign.

“During the height of the primaries when she was doing morning show after morning show she would be relatively unpleasant,” Tanden wrote. “But then she actually did a good job on the shows.”

The NBC interview with Mitchell would make headlines after Clinton refused to apologize for setting up a secret private email server to conduct government business as secretary of state.

According to numerous reports, Hillary has struggled with rage issues for decades. Her former secret service protection officers have described being concerned for Bill Clinton’s safety in the mid-1990s, recounting violent arguments between the nominal husband and wife, including one particularly explosive episode in 1995 in which Hillary allegedly broke a vase and left the president nursing a black eye.

Documents released as part of the FBI’s investigation into Hillary’s private server include an interview with a former diplomatic security officer who testified that the former secretary of state’s demeanor was “so contemptuous that many [security agents] sought reassignment or employment elsewhere.”