WIKILEAKS: Hillary Clinton Lied to Jimmy Kimmel About Twitter

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 12:41 pm, October 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton isn’t so much in touch with the youngsters as she likes to pretend – she doesn’t use Twitter and all her Tweets are written by her aides, according to emails published by WikiLeaks on Friday.

This email is one of several in recent Wikileaks dumps which show that Tweets from “Hillary” are actually written by her staff and move up a chain of formal review before being published by her press aides.

Interestingly, back in November, Clinton appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show discussing her use of Twitter. Kimmel told Clinton that he saw her live-tweeting a Republican debate, to which she replied “Yes!”.

The late night host then goes on asking whether she finds Tweeting a “fun thing” to do. Hillary responds, describing the process of personally Tweeting as thus: “Well, it’s a combination of being appalled and being amused.”

But how would she know?

When the Clinton campaign first began sending Tweets regularly from @HillaryClinton, the campaign said that Tweets personally written by Clinton would be signed “H” as opposed to the numerous third-person Tweets that emanate from the account.

But according to an email chain from 2015 between top Clinton aides, every step of an “H”-signed Tweet is actually written by campaign staff. In the email chain, aides discussed putting out a tweet about Puerto Rico and its dire economic situation. “HRC wants to do a tweet on Puerto Rico regarding the debt crisis”, wrote Clinton’s senior policy advisor Ann O’Leary.

To which campaign’s chair John Podesta suggested: “How about: Puerto Rico debt crisis affects all Americans. We must…”

Campaign’s digital director, Katie Dowd, responded: “We had just sent the tweet to HRC a bit ago and have her sign off on the below tweet. If everyone is OK, we will send this out shortly.

“Puerto Rico’s debt crisis is not theirs alone. For PR’s economy to grow their people to thrive, they need real tools & real support. -H”

The tweet appeared word for word on Hillary’s Twitter account.

At least Hillary is supposedly approving the Tweets… But there’s no evidence whatsoever that she’s writing, dictating or even conceiving any of them.

Never believe what you hear on Jimmy Kimmel!