WIKILEAKS: NYT Reporter Apologized for Paper’s ‘Terrible’ Coverage of Hillary Clinton

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By Andrew Stiles | 11:26 am, November 8, 2016

New York Times reporter John Harwood reached out to Clinton campaign chairman chairman John Podesta to commiserate over his newspaper’s “embarrassingly terrible” coverage of Hillary Clinton, according to emails published by Wikileaks.

In the August 2015 email exchange, Harwood sought to reassure Podesta that the New York Times was not intentionally trying to harm Hillary’s campaign.

“This last NYT story was embarrassingly terrible,” Harwood wrote. “Am sure it feels differently to you guys, but I can’t imagine that newspaper leadership (which I am not close to at all, and which is weak right now) is actually out to get HRC.”

The “weak” leadership could have been a reference to Carolyn Ryan, who would be ousted as Washington bureau chief about a month later.


In another email exchange also published by Wikileaks, Harwood wrote Podesta to express his thoughts on the “weird” arrangement between the New York Times and Peter Schweizer, the best-selling author of Clinton Cash, a book that examined the shady financial dealings of the Clinton Foundation’s foreign donors.


The emails uncovered by Wikileaks show that Harwood, who also works for CNBC, often corresponded slavishly with Podesta. One one occasion, the New York Times reporter asked Clinton’s campaign chairman to suggest questions prior to Harwood’s CNBC online show interview with then-Republican primary candidate Jeb Bush — behavior that would appear to violate standard journalistic ethics.