WIKILEAKS: Enraged Hillary Clinton Lashed Out at Campaign Over ‘Clinton Cash’ Book

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By Andrew Stiles | 3:39 pm, October 22, 2016

Hillary Clinton was not pleased with the way her campaign was responding to the publication of Clinton Cash, the Peter Schweizer book on the Clinton Foundation’s shady dealings with foreign governments and oligarchs.

In an alleged May 2015 email exchange published by Wikileaks on Saturday on behalf of Vladimir Putin, campaign communications aide Jennifer Palmieri offered a “heads up” that Hillary had recently initiated a “difficult conversation” about Clinton Cash days prior to the book’s official release date. Excepts from the book were already being published online, including in the New York Times.

“My impression is she wants a much stronger response,” Palmieri wrote to other top Clinton aides. “Which means engaging more on details that we have to date not found in our interest to do so.”


Hillary Clinton’s indignant attitude toward anyone suggesting she and her husband should not be allowed to rake in millions of dollars from sketchy corporations and foreign governments is apparent throughout the emails released by WikiLeaks.

Clinton campaign staff had to intervene when Hillary was reluctant to cancel an appearance at a May 2015 Clinton Foundation event sponsored by the King of Morocco. The Moroccan government — which has a checkered human rights record — had reportedly agreed to donate millions to the Clinton Foundation on the “condition” that Hillary make an appearance at the event.

Hillary was similarly outraged when her campaign suggested Bill Clinton should cancel a paid Wall Street speaking engagement at embattled bank Morgan Stanley that was scheduled to take place a few days after the formal launch of her presidential campaign in April 2015.