WIKILEAKS: Here Are the Best Campaign Slogans Hillary Clinton Didn’t Use

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By Andrew Stiles | 3:38 pm, October 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s campaign tested up to 85 different slogans in August 2015 before finally deciding on “Stronger Together,” according to emails published by WikiLeaks on Wednesday.

Here are a few of the more amusing slogans the Clinton campaign rejected:

  • Fairness First
  • No Quit
  • A force for families 
  • Renewing our basic bargain
  • A new bargain for a better America
  • The ideas we need and the strength to deliver
  • A stronger America for a new day
  • American strength from American families
  • New Solutions Real Results 
  • Making America Work. Together.
  • Lifting us up. Moving us forward.
  • Rise Up
  • Own the future
  • Climb higher
  • It’s about you. It’s about time.
  • Because your time is now
  • Next begins with you


  • Good judgement never gets old
  • Tomorrow. Now. 
  • Don’t wait on great
  • Hope and change. Again.
  • Not dead yet
  • Ride the rise
  • Stronger from the bottom up
  • Love from above
  • She earned this. And so should you.
  • Building a nation. Painting a dream.
  • Granny got game
  • Do you even know how much money she could be making if she wasn’t running for president you ungrateful fools?