Wikileaks Getting Nervous As Ecuador Election Candidates Pledge to Evict Assange

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By Kieran Corcoran | 7:25 am, February 17, 2017

Wikileaks is showing signs of nerves ahead of an election in Ecuador which could see Julian Assange evicted from his embassy safehouse.

The leaking service has started lobbying online for voters to shore up support for its founder, who has spent more than four years being sheltered by the nation.

Assange lives in Ecuador’s embassy in London, to which he fled in 2012 to avoid dealing with sexual assault allegations made in Sweden.

But rival candidates have pledged to kick him out if they take power, leading Assange and Wikileaks to start a hashtag campaign to save him.

Ecuador’s current president, Rafael Correa, is pro-Assange and granted his request for political asylum – saving him from arrest and extradition.

However, this Sunday Ecuador holds a general election and will replace Correa, who has reached the country’s two-term limit as president.

He is likely to be replaced by Lenin Moreno, Correa’s former vice president, who has not expressed a strong stance on Assange.

However, several other candidates have made clear that they would kick Assange out if they take power.

Guillermo Lasso, the second-place candidate, said recently that he would ask Assange to leave if he wins. Cynthia Viteri, who is third in the polls, also wants rid of him.

Resultantly, Wikileaks has started supporting the hashtag #ElMundoConAssange (the world with Assange) to increase the prominence of his plight.

The official @Wikileaks page wrote: “Support for Assange ahead of Sunday’s Ecuadorian election where two leading candidates promise to have him arrested”, alongside a link to search results for the hashtag.

Assange, who has recently started tweeting under his own name, also joined in on the hashtag:

It is perhaps no coincidence that his current bio on the service also ends with “Viva el Ecuador!”