WIKILEAKS: Email Reveals Obscene Favor-Trading Between Clinton Campaign, New York Times

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By Andrew Stiles | 1:50 pm, October 11, 2016

A 2014 email recently published by WikiLeaks reveals what appears to be evidence of obscene favor-trading between the Hillary Clinton campaign and the New York Times.

The incriminating email was sent by Yasmin Namini, a senior vice president at the Times, to Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta on March 27, 2014. This was about a year before Hillary official launched her campaign, but Podesta has been a member of the Clinton inner circle for years after serving as chief of staff during the Bill Clinton administration.

In the email, Namini told Podesta she was “very pleased” to inform him about the “additional benefits” that he was about to receive for “free” in exchange for his New York Times subscription.

These special benefits, wrote Namini, were only available to certain individuals who posses “a curiosity that matches our own,” and would allow Podesta to “deepen [his] connection to The Times by gaining access to a wide array of exclusive content…” (Wink, wink.)

Namini concluded by promising to send Podesta “more information.”

One can only imagine what these “benefits” entailed. The Times is frequently criticized for its liberal bias and its tireless promotion of Hillary Clinton. Well, the Times just got red-handed trading favors with a political candidate.

Will the lamestream media cover this explosive bombshell? Or will they sweep it under the just the they did the recent revelation that President Obama was probably using wind turbines and the U.S. military to create hurricanes? I think we all know the answer.

Below is the full text of the email. Note the generic “Times Subscriber” alias used in an effort to avoid detection.

Dear Times Subscriber,

I’m very pleased to let you know that starting April 2, you will have additional benefits, free with your subscription.

You’ll be able to enjoy NYT Now, a compelling new iPhone(R) app with quick summaries and updates of top stories from our editors; What We’re Reading, a new weekly guide to recommended reading on the web, created just for subscribers; and enhanced access to The New York Times Archive with TimesMachine.

We’ll also be introducing Times Premier — for those with a curiosity that matches our own. With this new subscription option you can deepen your connection to The Times by gaining access to a wide array of exclusive content and additional benefits.

Times Premier features will include Times Insider, our journalists’ behind-the-scenes accounts of big stories they’re covering; exclusive access to TimesTalks videos; TBooks, two e-books from The Times every month, each compiling past Times articles on a single subject; four cleverly themed monthly crosswords, delightful challenges that could only come from our master crosswords editor Will Shortz; and more.

We’ll be sending you more information about your new subscriber benefits and Times Premier soon.

Thank you for subscribing to The New York Times.

Yasmin Namini
Senior Vice President, Chief Consumer Officer