WIKILEAKS: Clinton Crony Tom Nides Suggested Pulling ‘Official’ Emails From Her Private Email Account

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 1:51 pm, October 31, 2016

Former Deputy Secretary of State and Hillary Clinton ally Tom Nides suggested the Clinton campaign get a State Department lawyer to “go through all the emails” and get rid of all “the official ones” from private email accounts, according to an email revealed by WikiLeaks on Monday.

Tom Nides, husband of CNN Vice President Virginia Moseley and an extremely wealthy Morgan Stanley executive, is presently on the short list to be White House chief of staff should Clinton win the election. He wrote to Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta in March 2015 to offer advice what must be done to contain the email scandal:

“There is only one thing that needs to be done on this email thing. (Which I am sure nobody wants to do). Get a state dept career lawyer to go through all the emails and pull the official ones.”

Nides added: “I know all the reasons not to do it but it’s going to happen so we should do it.”


Nides’ communication with the Clinton campaign might come as a surprise. Back February 2015, Democratic sources told POLITICO that he won’t be joining the campaign because of concerns that his Wall Street connections made him “radioactive.” But according to emails released by Wikileaks there was direct communication between the campaign and Nides up until March 2016.