WIKILEAKS: Team Clinton Discussed Using ‘Brown and Women Pundits’ to ‘Shame’ the New York Times

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By Andrew Stiles | 2:41 pm, October 26, 2016
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Clinton campaign confidantes discussed rallying “brown and women pundits” to “shame” the New York Times into publishing more positive stories about Hillary Clinton, according to an email uncovered by WikiLeaks.

In a 2015 email, Center for American Progress president Neera Tanden wrote Clinton campaign manager John Podesta to relay some advice from “Howard,” presumably Howard Wolfson, a Democratic strategist and former adviser to Michael Bloomberg, about dealing with the New York Times.

Wolfson had suggested that Hillary personally reach out to Times publisher Arthur Schulzburger in an effort to mitigate coverage the campaign perceived to be unfair. This had apparently worked for Bloomberg, Tanden wrote, but there was a limit to this strategy’s effectiveness due to the fact that Schulzburger “is a pretty big wuss.”

“He also thinks the brown and women pundits can shame the times and others and social media,” Tanden writes, and offers a few examples of such pundits, which for some reasons included Matt Ygelsias and Greg Sargent — two liberal white dudes.


Another email chain published by WikiLeaks contains a list of potential running for Hillary to choose from that features the prospective candidates broken down into “food groups” by race, gender, and other traits.