Wikileaks: Clinton Aides Worried Bill’s Infidelity Could Harm Her Campaign

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By Emily Zanotti | 12:10 pm, October 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s top aides fretted that Bill Clinton’s wandering eye could have a negative impact on her campaign, according to an email from John Podesta, released as part of the most recent Wikileaks document dump.

The email, marked as “confidential,” shows Clinton ally and left-leaning policy aid and journalist Brent Budowsky reassuring Clinton campaign chair John Podesta that Bill Clinton’s charisma and political acumen could overcome any remaining criticism over his Oval Office philandering.


Budowsky tells Podesta to shut down the chatter among Clinton’s friends that’s making Hillary so nervous, claiming that “Whoever is peddling this crap from somewhere within the Clinton camp is having the effect of encouraging the media to give the issue more prominence,” and that “They are hurting both Clintons. I always stay out of intra-staff stuff like this, both Clinton’s would be well advised to advise the people in their orbit to shut the hell up about this.”

Of course, Bill Clinton’s former dalliances have become front and center to the campaign as Donald Trump’s team uses Clinton’s behavior to defend against charges that lewd and aggressive comments Trump made to Access Hollywood‘s Billy Bush should not have an impact on his fitness to serve as President.

Sunday evening, before the debate, Donald Trump hosted several of Bill Clinton’s alleged victims for a press conference, in order to deflect attention from Trump’s own difficulties with women.

The email could explain why Clinton’s team was woefully unprepared to handle such an event. You can read the trove of Podesta’s emails here. Despite Podesta’s claims that the emails are likely forgeries, Hillary Clinton herself appeared to confirm their validity during Sunday night’s debate.