WIKILEAKS: Chelsea Clinton Accused of Using Foundation Resources for $3M Wedding

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By Emily Zanotti | 1:13 pm, November 6, 2016

One of the most interesting (and, maybe, entertaining) aspects of the Clinton Wikileaks release is the ongoing feud between Chelsea Clinton and her father’s close aide, Doug Band, a sometime leader of the Clinton Foundation. It’s clear the two were at war during Band’s final years at the foundation, with Chelsea firing up investigations of Band’s alleged “hustling”, and Band not only questioning Chelsea’s character, but also her fitness for any kind of employment.

Sunday morning’s Wikileaks dump provided a new wrinkle to the internal hot war: Band, while railing to Clinton family confidante John Podesta about Chelsea’s indiscretions, suggested that Chelsea herself could be on the hook for financial irregularities. In his email to Podesta, Band suggests that Chelsea could be investigated for how she paid for her lavish, $3 million wedding among other things.


In his email to Podesta, Band suggested that Chelsea may have been using Clinton Foundation funds to support her lavish lifestyle over the last decades, and also suggested there could be irregularities in how Chelsea paid taxes on money she received from her parents.

Band was particularly upset when he heard that Chelsea had told one of George W. Bush’s daughters that she was investigating him.

Both John Podesta and Doug Band called Chelsea’s alleged indiscretions, “not smart.”

In emails previously disclosed by Wikileaks, Band wrote top Clinton family aides that Chelsea was a backstabbing, “spoiled brat kid” who had no purpose in life, adding that “the apple doesn’t fall far.”

Chelsea, of course, is now notorious for telling Fast Company that she couldn’t bring herself to care about money, noting to the interviewer that financial success wasn’t the “metric” by which she wanted to measure her life. For Chelsea, that’s an easy feat: she and her failed investor husband live in a $10 million, fully remodeled New York City apartment (which her parents helped finance), and she has a ready-made job in her parents’ foundation. She and her husband have also been spotted vacationing in some of the most exclusive parts of the world (Sardinia and Turks and Caicos, for starters) despite not really having jobs.

Cheslea’s fairytale wedding in exclusive Rhinebeck, NY was an incredible affair; she spent a whopping $15,000 on “luxury portable toilets” alone, hundreds of thousands on flowers, a half million dollars on tents with glass walls and climate control, and two couture wedding gowns.

Band, of course, learned the hard way about who wins when a long time aide goes up against the boss’ daughter. He left the Clinton Foundation in 2015 and currently works at the embattled Teneo firm made up of various Clinton family adherents.