WIKILEAKS: PROOF: ‘Birther’ Controversy Started by Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Staff

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By Andrew Stiles | 5:45 pm, October 17, 2016

Many have alleged that the so-called “birther” controversy started with the Hillary Clinton campaign, and emails published by WikiLeaks on Monday contain solid proof validating this charge.

In an email exchange on March 23, 2015, the day Ted Cruz announced his campaign for president, top Hillary Clinton campaign aides were discussing how to respond to the announcement.

At one point, longtime Clinton loyalist Philippe Reines chimed into to suggest the campaign smear Cruz by casting aspersions on his Canadian birth.


Cruz was born in Canada, but most legal scholars agree that his eligibility to run for president is not in doubt.

Like the original “birther” controversy, this Clinton-fueled conspiracy was eventually picked up by Donald Trump.

The evidence speaks for itself.