WIKILEAKS: Team Clinton Worried About Bill’s Pervy Past

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By Andrew Stiles | 11:03 am, October 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s top campaign aides scrambled to prepare for questions about Bill Clinton’s long history of sexual deviancy in emails published by WikiLeaks on Thursday.

In a January 2016 email to senior Hillary Clinton advisers, longtime Democratic staffer Ron Klain outlined a series of political questions the campaign would need to prepare for, including questions about why Hillary was struggling in the polls, as well as “WJC Issues.”

Klain suggested the following questions about Bill Clinton’s pervy past:

a. Is his conduct relevant to your campaign?

b. You said every woman should be believed. Why not the women who accused him?

c. Will you apologize to the women who were wrongly smeared by your husband and his allies?

d. How is what Bill Clinton did different from what Bill Cosby did?


Hillary Clinton foreign policy adviser Jake Sullivan wrote back to say that the team should go through the first three questions, but seemed hesitant to address the perv issues. Sullivan asked campaign chairman John Podesta for thoughts on “how to handle” them.


Other emails published by WikiLeaks have shown that Hillary Clinton’s top advisers are keenly aware of the problems presented by Bill Clinton’s sexual adventurism. Jennifer Palmieri, now a senior communications aide for the Hillary Clinton campaign, complained to Podesta in 2008 about a fundraising email in which the former president described Hillary as “the person I most want to spend time with.” Probably because no one would believe it.

“Seriously? This is the worse subject line ever in an email from Bill Clinton,” Palmieri wrote.