WIKILEAKS: Bill Clinton Annoys Everyone on Hillary’s Campaign

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By Emily Zanotti | 12:49 pm, October 13, 2016

The Clinton campaign is a mostly united front, whether it’s in collusion with the media, preparing social media strategy, or making savory Italian rice dishes.

But according to Wikileaks’s lastest revelations, from thousands of documents stolen from Clinton chair John Podesta’s private emails, they’re also all constantly annoyed by Bill Clinton.

The former President has routinely said that his full time job is running the Clinton Foundation, and that he has little to do with his wife’s run for the White House, but it’s abundantly clear from many of the emails that Bill Clinton is a constant font of ideas, not all of them great.

According to POLITICO, Bill Clinton “blocked off days” to help his wife with debate prep and edited her speeches — even adding tasteless jokes about missing emails and the Benghazi hearings.

“You all think wjc’s joke is too much about her kinda wishing after hour 8 that Bernie would come through the door with his damn email line ..?” asked one campaign consultant, concerned that a joke that referenced both a private server and her 11-hour grilling over Libya might be a tad over the line.


Weirdly, Clinton’s staff was supportive, until cooler heads stepped in to point out a Benghazi joke could be caught on tape.


At one point, according to the emails, Bill Clinton was concerned that the merchandise available in Hillary’s campaign store was lacking. No word on whether he was the one who suggested adding all of the alcohol-related glassware, but POLITICO does mention the “H-branded shot glasses.”

It’s also clear that Hillary’s staff had to constantly keep an eye on Bill even when he was working in an official capacity, because he’d often say things that didn’t quite fit with the campaign message.


They were also constantly aware of Bill Clinton’s mental health, especially as Hillary Clinton was getting walloped by Bernie Sanders in early primaries.



Staffers checked in with Podesta throughout the day, giving him updates about Bill’s frame of mind. As they finally pulled out of New Hampshire, one staffer emailed Podesta to tell the campaign chair that Bill was taking it all in stride.

“We’re headed to the airport. Fair to say we didn’t break anything.”