Why Does the Liberal Media Claim the National Tax Policy Center is ‘Nonpartisan’?

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By Joe Simonson | 3:50 pm, April 28, 2017

Tax reform is in the news again, which means it’s time for the mainstream media to trot out so-called experts to accuse Republicans of innumeracy and conclude that the only problem with the United States’ tax system is that it collects too little.

One of the favorite institutions liberal pundits and journalists use as a source on the consequences of tax reform is the Tax Policy Center.  Well, that’s not its full name, that’s just what many choose to call it to make it sound detached and objective — its full name is the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center.  The Urban-Brookings part refers to liberal Urban Institute and Brookings Institution.

Of course, that didn’t stop New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof from referring to it as “nonpartisan” when citing a study critical of President Trump’s campaign tax plan.  According to the center’s study, Trump’s plan would slow economic growth because of the projected debt increase that would come with less federal tax receipts.  Interesting how we only hear about the impact of debt on growth when Republicans decide to keep the government from sticking its hands in our paychecks, but not when Democratic presidents decide to go on a nearly trillion dollar economic “stimulus” plan that did everything but.

At least the Washington Post had the decency to say the Tax Policy Center is “affiliated with the Brookings Institution and Urban Institute,” but not the integrity to stop itself from calling it “nonpartisan.” Considering its current chairman, Leonard Burman, served as President Clinton’s go-to tax man and called the Bush tax cuts “regressive” you’d think the media could find somebody else to run to when they need some analysis.

Then again, that would require work and worse — betraying their loyal, liberal buddies.

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