Claim: White Women ‘Part of the Problem’ that Led to Donald Trump

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By Andrew Stiles | 6:33 am, December 1, 2016

Donald Trump shocked the world of political punditry by not only winning the presidential election against Hillary Clinton, but also by performing better than previous Republican nominee Mitt Romney among a number of demographic groups.

Pundits were particularly surprised at how well Trump performed among white women — the single largest demographic in 2016, comprising 36 percent of the electorate. According to CNN exit polls, Trump won 52 percent of white female voters, while Clinton won just 43 percent.

Those figures are roughly in line with the results from the 2012 election between Romney and President Barack Obama, but it still came as shock to pundits who had assumed Trump’s history of “sexist” comments and behavior, and the fact that Hillary was going to make history as the first female president, would produce one of the largest gender gaps of all time.

As a result, white women are being target by the SJW crowd, which includes many white women, and are being denounced as “part of the problem” that created the conditions for Trump’s election.

“Our white privilege has us convinced that whatever happens next will not happen to us,” writes Kristi Pahr in Bustle. “We think our privilege will protect us. It will not. This couldn’t have happened without white women — and whatever comes next is also on us.”

In an article titled, “White Women Need To Admit That We Are Part Of The Problem,” Pahr argues that by voting for Trump, millions of Americans “emphatically stated that not only do they not care about LBGTQ people and people of color, they also don’t care about women.” But even more frightening was the fact that “many [Trump voters] were women themselves.”

White women “helped cause this mess,” Pahr writes, and in order to fix it, white women need to “stop kidding ourselves with excuses and take responsibility for our white privilege, whether we voted for Trump or not.”

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