White Supremacists Claim New Star Wars Film ‘Rogue One’ is a ‘Jewish Plot’

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By Emily Zanotti | 2:30 pm, December 7, 2016

White supremacists on an online forum are calling for a boycott of Star Wars: Rogue One because they say the film promotes “anti-white hate” and “Jewish propaganda.”

Forward.com reports that InfoStormer.com has become the “central hub” of the Neo-Nazi battle against fictional characters in the blockbuster holiday movie, who side with Darth Vader and the evil Empire against the fledgling Rebel Alliance—which they call a “Jewish cabal” trying to put an end to “white civilization.”

“(((Star Wars))) Is Anti-White Social Engineering,” one poster claims, using the triple parenthesis known as an “echo,” used by anti-Semites to identify Jewish persons and organizations online. “It looks as if the Jew run company of Disney is going to pump out as many of these awful multicultural Star Wars films as possible.”

“Nearly all of the major characters are non-Whites and the main character is an empowered White female,” another poster suggested. “This film should be boycotted.”

Their evidence is, of course, scant, relying primarily on casting decisions that incorporate a number of cultures, and several female characters into the rebel force. It does not appear to occur to the online Neo-Nazis that Star Wars, set in a historical, fictional universe, involves several thousand alien races, some of which are humanoid, but none of which are Earthlings.

A few Neo-Nazis on the board did seem to be struggling with the idea that their white supremacist leanings will ultimately conflict with their Star Wars fandom, and note that, if they pirate the movie and root for the Empire, they can preserve some of their Neo-Nazism while fulfilling their need to see the film.

“If you’re annoyed by their allegories then don’t watch it. If you’re like me you’ll pirate it at some point and fantasize about being a stormtrooper,” one poster suggested. Another noted that it is possible to buy only Imperial action figures and Lego sets.