‘White Anchor’ Tomi Lahren, Trevor Noah Make Peace Over Drinks After Fiery TV Blowout

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By Emily Zanotti | 9:41 pm, December 3, 2016

Just days after her explosive Daily Show interview, The Blaze‘s outspoken conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren is making peace with host Trevor Noah.

A number of outlets blared that Noah had “eviscerated” Lahren, 24, but the interview was well-received even by conservative outlets, who noted that Lahren held her own despite the unfriendly — and often contentious — interview (Tomi declared herself the confrontation’s victor). A video of the segment has been viewed nearly a million times across social media.

Neither party seemed fazed by the resulting publicity. Noah, 32, was hailed as finally “coming into his own voice” as host of the Daily Show, after struggling to match both the tenor and the ratings of longtime host Jon Stewart. Lahren noted to her social media “haters” that she didn’t mind their criticism: “you’re gonna watch me either way.”

Tomi Lahren Trevor Noah

But while the two never seemed to see eye-to-eye while squaring off on the show, TMZ spotted the pair hashing out their differences over cocktails at the exclusive Bowery Hotel in downtown Manhattan Thursday night. The South Dakotan anchor and South African comedian appeared to be in quiet, casual conversation — a much different scene than the one that had played out on Comedy Central.

The two seemed to be several drinks in before TMZ‘s photographer caught them, and looking cozy.

In the aftermath of the Daily Show interview, Tomi was asked on the radio if she had “ever been with black guy” and the University of Nevada-Las Vegas graduate answered — as TMZ described it — coyly. She did say she was single.

But Trevor Noah’s relationship status could complicate a major merger between two very different political personalities. While he says he’s in an “open relationship” with his girlfriend, model Jordyn Taylor, he and Taylor have been romantically linked for a little over a year.