WATCH: Hillary Clinton’s Cascade of ‘Lies’

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By Heat Street Staff | 10:45 am, June 2, 2016

You know you’re doing something wrong when the American people think you’re less trustworthy than Donald Trump, and it’s not even close.

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Another bad sign is when your former IT advisor refuses to speak to investigators looking into the private email server that you used (but weren’t allowed to have) without telling anyone or asking permission.

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Or when you claim to be “the most transparent public official in modern times” but that “transparency” is almost always the result of a court order that you fought to prevent.

A long-awaited report from the State Department inspector general makes clear that many of the things Hillary Clinton has been telling us (and continues to tell us) about her email habits as secretary of state are blatantly misleading — at best. Is this really the person Democrats want to nominate?