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WATCH: All Donald Trump’s Attacks on ‘Mexican’ Judge (from Indiana)

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By Heat Street Staff | 10:00 am, June 8, 2016

Donald Trump is running for president, but he’s also a business owner who is being sued for fraud by individuals who enrolled in Trump University, the “real estate training” program Trump launched in the run-up to the real estate crisis in 2008.

The case isn’t going so well, which has caused Trump to throw an epic tantrum. He has repeatedly attacked the judge presiding over the case, Gonzalo Curiel, as biased due to his heritage. “We’re building a wall. He’s a Mexican,” Trump has said. (Curiel was born in Indiana.)

Trump issued a statement Tuesday in an attempt to move on from the subject, which has generated a lot of negative attention, especially from elected Republicans who are tired of being asked to defend their party’s nominee. “I do not intend to comment on this matter any further,” Trump said. Until he did.