Virginia School Board Member Forced to Resign After Anti-Trump Facebook Post

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By Emily Zanotti | 10:58 pm, November 27, 2016

Parents in Lynchburg, Virginia will have new leadership on the Lynchburg School Board after a current officer, Jenny Poore, was forced to resign for a “strongly worded” Facebook post about Donald Trump.

Poore, who said her “conscience compelled her to act” in the wake of Trump’s election, decided her social media profile would be the best place to complain about Trump’s core supporters, opine about his personal habits and accuse the President-elect of being drug-addled.


“F-ck you and your shitty straight white man version of America,” she posted. “We are a nation of selfish fearful morons who think we can still be friends with people and like pictures of their dogs and kids on Facebook even though we just voted to gut every last protection they had as human beings.”

She went on to claim that Trump has an “obvious and clear amphetamine addiction” and that he’s “sexual assaulter.”

A local news outlet managed to capture the creative diatribe in full.



Poore had already drawn the community’s attention after she refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance at school board meetings, protesting the oppressive nature of American society.

After parents and Poore’s Facebook followers complained, Poore was forced to resign from the school board. She told the Roanoke Times that she would have “considered her language more carefully had she known the post would go public,” obviously unfamiliar with the concept of social media.

Fellow school board members have come to the defense of the angry public servant, saying that she has an “incisive mind” and is “a champion” for students. But that wasn’t enough for the school board to keep her on. The Lynchburg City Council will appoint a replacement.

Poore says she’s “taking a break” from public service.