LIVE UPDATES: Trump on the Offense, Hillary Falters

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By Heat Street Staff | 8:58 am, November 8, 2016


Follow our live updates below. We’ll providing original material as well as updates from our affiliates in Australia and London.

2:03 AM: Is It Over?



11:30PM: Donald Trump has won Wisconsin and Iowa

Hillary Clinton needed nearly every midwestern state to hold on to what she called the “Blue Wall,” but the state has fallen to Republicans. Donald Trump will take Wisconsin and is now closing in on 270 votes with 232 electoral votes.

Trump will also pick up Iowa, which has been a Democratic stronghold for decades.

11:10PM: Donald Trump has won Utah

Despite a serious challenge from independent candidate Evan McMullin, Donald Trump has taken Utah. He is now only around 40 electoral votes away from securing the Presidency.

11:00PM: Donald Trump has won Florida

After a full night of vote counting, Florida is finally able to declare a winner: Donald Trump. A major prize, Donald Trump will gain more than 20 electoral votes bringing him to 216 electoral votes.

11:00PM: Clinton staff have begun leaving her victory party.

10:50PM: WI Sen. Ron Johnson Will Keep His Seat

The Republicans inch closer to keeping a significant majority in the Senate, holding on to a Wisconsin Senate seat that Democrats had been poised to win.

Sen. Ron Johnson held off a challenge from former Sen. Russ Feingold to keep the seat in GOP hands.

10:45PM: Donald Trump has won North Carolina

In a major swing state pickup, Donald Trump has won North Carolina. He is now inching toward 200 electoral votes. This call is likely to set the stage for a series of Trump wins in major states.

Strangely, the 269-269 situation – an electoral college tie – is now possible.

10:30PM: Clinton likely to win Colorado

Hillary Clinton will take the swing state of Colorado.

10:30PM: Trump wins swing state of Ohio

The second major swing state appears to go to Donald Trump, as NBC News and CBS News both predict that Donald Trump will win Ohio’s electoral votes. Fox News has called Ohio for Trump outright.

10:10PM: Clinton takes Virginia

Hillary Clinton has taken the first swing state, Virginia.

9:40PM: Clinton takes Connecticut, Trump takes Louisiana

Major states are still hanging in the balance, but Hillary Clinton has snagged Connecticuts electoral votes bringing her to 104, and Donald Trump has Louisiana’s, bringing him to 136.

9:25PM: Stock futures down on election anxiety

Clintons chances of winning are still high according to Las Vegas betting markets:

But anxiety over the nail-biter in Florida, Ohio, Michigan, and other swing states has caused financial markets to wobble. S&P Futures have taken a tumble:

US futures are also down, as is the dollar against the Mexican peso.


9:00PM: Donald Trump wins Wyoming, Nebraska, Texas and North Dakota, South Dakota and Kansas

Although strategists had predicted a nailbiter in Texas, Donald Trump appears to have won the state almost immediately upon polls closing. He will now take much of the West, giving him 84 electoral votes.

9:00PM: Hillary Clinton wins New York

Hillary Clinton will easily win New York state, despite it being the home territory of both Presidential candidates. She is now at approximately 97 electoral votes.

8:40PM: Florida will legalize marijuana

A proposal legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes in Florida has won in a landslide.

The measure will only apply to those struggling with certain debilitating and terminal illnesses and patients will need to get a prescription to obtain marijuana legally. But the state voted for the measure by an incredible margin: almost 3-1.

8:35PM: Republicans will maintain control of the House of Representatives

Despite some concerns that downballot races would suffer thanks to an unpopular Presidential candidate, the GOP has retained enough seats in the House of Representatives to keep control.

This isn’t unexpected, but should be a relief to Republicans concerned about Hillary Clinton’s Democratic agenda.

8:35PM: Donald Trump wins Alabama

Trump will take Alabama, bringing him nearly even to Hillary Clinton with 66 electoral votes.

8:30PM: Indiana Republicans will retain Senate seat

NBC News is predicting that Republican Todd Young will beat the heavily favored Evan Bayh to keep Indiana’s Senate seat in Republican hands. That further ensures that Republicans will retain at least a slight majority in the Senate.

8:20PM: Donald Trump boots renegade Mariachi band from election party

A guerilla Mariachi band snuck into Donald Trump’s election night party and were promptly removed by security. The twelve piece band told police they were in the area and decided to deliver an election night message to Trump’s Presidential campaign.

They played themselves out as they were being escorted from the building.

 8:15PM: Marco Rubio will hold on to his Senate seat

Democrats will not make an early second Senate pickup as Sen. Marco Rubio retains his seat in Florida over his Democratic challenger.

It appears, in some places, that Rubio has outperformed Trump, which may worry Republican strategists as the night wears on.

8:05PM: Dems get first Senate pickup in Illinois

Democratic Rep. Tammy Duckworth has ousted Republican Sen. Mark Kirk in Illinois, giving Democrats their first pickup in the Senate. Several states, including New Hampshire, remain outstanding, and are key to Republicans retaining a hold on the Senate.

8:00PM: Donald Trump wins Tennessee, Oklahoma and Mississippi (and – update – Missouri)

Insta-called states at 8pm include Tennessee, Oklahoma and Mississippi, all giving their electoral votes to Donald Trump. Trump now has 48 electoral votes. Florida, which is key to a Trump victory, is still too close to call with Hillary Clinton leading only slightly as polls close in Florida’s panhandle.

8:00PM: Clinton wins Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Rhode Island, Delaware, and the District of Columbia

States that closed at 8pm have been “insta-called” for Hillary Clinton, however many states including Florida, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Virginia remain too close to call. This gives Clinton a lead in electoral votes with 68 electoral votes.

7:50: Donald Trump wins South Carolina

This expected win brings Trump up over 30 electoral votes.

The largest wave of poll closings will happen at 8pm EST. All polls on the East Coast will close at 8pm, as well as polls in several states in the Central time zone.

 7:45: Rob Portman will hold Ohio’s Senate Seat

Sen. Rob Portman will help the GOP keep its stronghold on the Senate, winning against his opponent Ted Strickland. This was a hotly contested race and was projected to be one of the “too-close-to-call” races that would determine whether the GOP retained a majority in Congress.

 7:30PM: Donald Trump wins West Virginia – and a cake!

Donald Trump is now the projected winner in West Virginia, bringing him up to 24 electoral votes.

In celebration (though perhaps not of West Virginia), a giant cake resembling Donald Trump’s head has been wheeled into his election night party. It’s not a perfect likeness.

7:15PM: Gov. Mike Pence congratulates Indiana

Governor Mike Pence, Donald Trump’s running mate, has released a statement thanking Indiana for it’s first-in-the-nation results, giving its electoral votes to Donald Trump.

7:00PM: Donald Trump projected winner of Indiana and Kentucky, Clinton wins in Vermont.

CNN has projected that Donald Trump will win Indiana and Kentucky. Indiana, home of his running mate Mike Pence, was predicted for Trump, as was the solidly red state of Kentucky. So far, that gives Trump 19 electoral votes.

Trump is doing slightly better among rural white voters than Mitt Romney. Clinton appears to be doing slightly better with college educated adults.

Hillary Clinton will win Bernie Sanders home state of Vermont, despite the heavily progressive presence in the state, and a concerted write-in campaign for the Democratic challenger. She now has 3 electoral votes.

6:45PM: California polling places closed because of shooter

Our affiliates report that two California polling places have closed after an active shooter was reported.

CNN confirms that shots were fired outside of an Azuza, California polling location, sending two people to the hospital in serious condition. Police are telling voters to hunker inside, keeping the locations on lockdown as they work to secure the area.

6:40PM: Russia gets in on the action

A huge Donald Trump-themed party is raging in Moscow.

6:20PM: The first polls have closed.

The first polls – in the eastern areas of Indiana and Kentucky – have closed. Parts of both states will remain open for another hour and will close at 7pm Central time.

Donald Trump is leading in initial vote counts, but less than 1% of polls are reporting in both states.


Another wave of polls will close at 6:30 EST. Virginia, Ohio and North Carolina will begin providing initial results shortly after. Democrats are currently trying to keep polls open slightly longer in Durham county, claiming that voting machines were working improperly earlier in the day.

6:00PM: Original “Make America Great Again” hat goes on display at Trump’s election night party

The true star of the 2016 Presidential election – the iconic Make America Great Again red baseball cap – will take a starring role in tonight’s Trump election night party. The original hat is being showcased on stage in a glass case.

Trump star pollster Kellyanne Conway revealed today that staffers received very special, individualized “MAGA” hats. Hers focused on her strength: polling.

Trump, himself, is staying away from the party for now, preferring to hunker down at his Trump tower headquarters with close friends and top advisers, as they watch the results roll in. Apprentice star and top Trump aide, Omarosa, told TMZ that the atmosphere in Trump HQ is “chill.” 

5:45PM: First exit polling show settled electorate, economic concerns

The exit poll embargo has now lifted on major news networks. According to early stats on 2016 Presidential voters, the electorate made up its mind before the end of the summer, and they were more concerned with the economy than with the threate of terrorism.

CNN reported that more than half of voters had already made up their mind by September.

Voters also said that “can bring change” was the most important quality they looked for in a Presidential candidate, but voters were also looking for a strong leader, and someone with “necessary experience.” This is good news for Trump, who is the “outsider candidate” in the game.

According to NBC, voters were primarily concerned with their economic future, and voted to impact it.

This is better news for Clinton, who focused her campaign more on domestic policy and less on the twin foreign policy concerns of immigration and Islamic terrorism.

Pollsters at Fox revealed that voters thought negatively of Donald Trump’s treatement of women, as exemplified in comments he made in 2005, captured on tape and released just weeks before the election.

But voters also said that Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified emails had a negative impact on their view of the Democratic Presidential candidate.

Among primary voters, however, strong feelings about their candidate of choice were rare.

According to the Associated Press, less than half of voters made their choice out of a “strong preference” for the candidate they ended up voting for. A majority of the electorate views both candidates with skepticism. A quarter of all voters voted for their candidate of choice in order to vote “against” the other candidate. A third said they had “major reservations” about their candidate. NBC news coorborated.

In 2012, two thirds of voters told exit pollsters they felt strongly about their choice for President.

5:15PM: Trump, Clinton settle in in NYC

Hillary Clinton’s motorcade is headed to her election night party at the Jacob K. Javitz center. Lines to attend the event are already snaking around the block, and the security area is jammed with supporters.

Hillary Clinton’s team says she is working on two speeches, one in case she wins and one in case she loses.

Donald Trump, meanwhile, is settling into the Hilton New York City.

Sources on the ground say the lines are shorter, but that security is just as stringent, and that drink prices at the cash bar are high.

Mitt Romney also had a cash bar at his election night party in 2012. At the time, MSNBC reported that supporters had to pay for their cocktails as “breaking news.”

5:05PM: Election systems suffer massive outage in Colorado

Voting in Colorado hit a snag late Tuesday afternoon as voting systems suffered a complete outage, forcing voters to cast paper ballots “one-by-one.”

Some precinct are issuing “provisional ballots” which voters will be able to cast officially once the systems return online.

4:45PM: Trump, Clinton supporters scuffle at polls

The candidates may be waging proxy wars in swing states, but their supporters are taking the “battle” part to heart in Florida and Michigan.

In Jupiter, Florida, a male Clinton supporter and a female Trump supporter came to blows outside of a polling location. The Trump supporter says she felt “threatened” by the Clinton supporter, so she hit him with pepper spray she keeps in her purse. The Clinton supporter responded by tackling the Trump supporter to the ground and pummeling her with his fists.

In Ypsilanti, Michigan, two females – one a Trump supporter and one a  Clinton supporter – started arguing outside of a polling location at a local Moose Lodge. The scuffle eventually came to blows and while neither woman was hurt, both will face charges.

4:30PM: Voters say Clinton had better ground game

Exit polls have been notoriously unreliable for early contest results. But voters did tell pollsters that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was more aggressive in pushing them out to vote. 

According to Morning Consult, 17% of voters said that they were contacted by Democrat GOTV operatives, while only 9% of voters said Republicans gave them a GOTV call. Around 60% said they went to vote on their own volition.

But while voters differed on their motivations, nearly all voters agreed on one thing: they’re grateful this election is over.

4:00PM: Trump lawyers in court in Nevada

Trump lawyers are arguing in front of a Las Vegas, Nevada judge, after they filed an emergency motion to halt some voting there, claiming that some polls were kept open more than two hours late so that Las Vegas residents could vote early.

The motion asked that votes from four voting machines be separated from the official ballots.

The Clark County judge hearing the case was not sympathetic, pointing out that Nevada state law allows polls to stay open as long as necessary to accommodate voters. The Trump campaign’s emergency motion was denied.

Trump supporters also, apparently caught an electronic voting machine in Pennsylvania switching straight-ticket Republican votes to straight-ticket Democratic votes.


3:15PM: Trump says he still “won’t commit” to accepting election results.

Donald Trump told Fox News that he won’t commit to accepting the results of the Presidential election – if he believes that voter fraud, or “rigging,” is involved.

The Republican Presidential candidate told Martha McCallum that “We’re going to see how things play out today. Hopefully they’ll play out well and hopefully we won’t have to worry about it, meaning hopefully we’ll win.”

11.24AM: Half-naked cowboy is a hard-core Trump supporter

Robert Buick, a Republican from Cincinnati, said he had been outside Trump Tower in New York City for 42 days in a row.

“The job of the president is to protect our borders, number one,” he said.

– Lena Bell in New York

11.05AM: Trump casts his vote in New York

Clad in a blue suit and bright blue tie, Republican Donald Trump and his wife Melania have cast their votes at a polling station in Midtown Manhattan.

Flanked by security, the billionaire businessman was met with boos and cheers at the 56th Street polling place, near his home.

When asked who he was voting for, he said: “Tough decision.”

CNN reports the Secret Service shut down the street near Trump Tower just before the presidential hopeful arrived. Earlier, two women went topless at the polling station to protest Mr Trump.

– Staff writers

10.55AM : Fans line up for pics with the Trump Cowboys outside Trump Towers in Manhattan

10.35AM: Newsweek prints ‘Madam President’ issue

The New York Post has revealed one its print rivals Newsweek has jumped the gun on anointing the next President by rushing to sale a new issue declaring Hillary Clinton the election winner.
A “third party” publisher, which was charged to print the commemorative issue of the magazine pushed out early copies which went on sale at a Barnes & Noble bookstore.
A spokesman for company said: “the polls show Hillary Clinton with a commanding lead and a business decision was made to print the Clinton issue first while continuing to work on the Trump issue.”
Should he win, the Clinton victory issues would be pulped, while those already on newsstands would surely become political collectors’ items.

– Holly Byrnes in New York.

9.59AM: WikiLeaks releases more emails on Election Day

WikiLeaks continued its campaign to try and embarrass the Democrats by publishing its 35th batch of hacked emails from top Clinton adviser John Podesta.

WikiLeaks has now published more than 58,000 emails stolen from Mr  Podesta’s personal email account.

9.15AM: Obama spotted shooting hoops

POTUS has been spotted on the basketball court at a military base. Barack Obama has played basketball on election day since 2008 as part of a superstitious ritual. He voted in Illinois earlier this month.

9.08AM : Voter chaos continues

The crowds are pouring into polling booths across the US, as Election Day gets under way, and the lines are getting longer and longer. Some are going for several blocks as America decides its next president.

8.48AM: Topless protesters arrested at Trump polling booth

People Magazine’s Sharon Clott Kanter has tweeted that two women who were protesting while topless at the polling booth when Donald Trump will cast his vote today in New York have been arrested.

8.43AM: Biden votes, greets voters with selfies

Vice President Joe Biden voted at Alexis I. du Pont High School in Wilmington, Delaware.

“The bad news is I’m not going away,” Biden joked, saying he would continue to fight against income inequality after he leaves office.

He was with his wife Jill and posed for selfies around 7.30am, CNN reports.

After spending less than a minute casting his ballot, the Vice President declared that “it’s a beautiful day to vote.”

8.15AM: Campaign posters defaced on Election Day

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that posters have been defaced with the words “Vote no one” and “Lead yourself” in Houston, Texas.

8.07AM: Trump will concede the election if he loses

Eric Trump Jr says that his father will concede the election if he loses and the results are “legit and fair.”

In an Election Day interview with MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Donald Trump’s son said that “all we want is a fair fight, not just for this election but for all elections.”

The Republican presidential nominee has repeatedly warned of a “rigged election,” though there is no evidence of widespread fraud in the electoral system. Eric Trump said, “we’ve seen states where a few thousand votes can make a difference.”

Pressed by MSNBC anchors, he said of his father, “if he loses and it’s legit and fair, and there’s not obvious stuff out there then without question, yes,” he would concede.

– AP

8AM: Hillary Clinton casts vote

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is about to cast her vote in Chappaque, New York.

Media swarmed the polling building as Ms Clinton greeted well-wishers with her husband, Bill Clinton.

7.55AM: Reports Clinton camp is preparing two speeches 

MSNBC’s Morning Joe is a program hosted by former GOP representative, Joe Scarborough.

7.37AM: Early polling results trickle through

According to ABC’s program, Good Morning America, Hillary Clinton is gaining the upperhand in North Carolina and Florida as voters hit the polls.

7.35AM: More polls open in battleground states

Polls have opened in Florida, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina and part of Tennessee.

7.14AM: Trump reveals how he’ll feel if he loses

Donald Trump has spoken with Fox News today, telling them jokingly that he will vote for himself.

“I’ve decided to vote for Trump,” he joked on Fox News’ Fox and Friends this morning.

“It’s very exciting. I’ve spoken to you folks for a lot during very successful primaries… I’m a little bit superstitious so when you said please call, I called,” he said.

They asked if he’d changed during the campaign.

“It’s been an amazing process, about 17 or 18 months since I came up with it… it’s been a beautiful process, the people of this country are incredible, I’ve met the people at every level and they are amazing. People say what have you learned? That’s what I’ve learned: the people are amazing,” he said.

Trump said running for president has “changed” him.

“I’ve seen so many hopes and so many dreams out there that could have happened … with proper leadership,” he said.
But if he doesn’t win, Trump said the endeavor will have amounted to a “tremendous waste of money and time”.

“I will not consider it great if I don’t win,” he said.

He also took the opportunity to slam rapper Jay Z, saying the language he used was “terrible” during Clinton’s concert on Friday.
“Frankly, a lot of people left because of the language,” Trump said. “She would have been better off not having them.”

7.03AM: Trump’s son celebrates wedding anniversary on Election Day

Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump Jr has posted a tweet saying he and his wife Lara are celebrating their wedding anniversary as they cast their votes today.

7.01AM: Global markets still flat as voting starts

Global share markets are flat as voting gets under way on the US east coast.

Mirroring a benign performance by Australian shares on Tuesday, Britain’s FTSE index of stocks is up just 0.05% at noon London time, while French and German markets are slightly lower in afternoon trading.

British and European markets will be closed before investors get an idea of the likely election winner.

Australia and Asia will be the world’s first major financial markets to react to the election result, which is expected to be known around 3pm on Wednesday. A close race is likely to cause volatile afternoon trading.

– Anthony Keane

6.55AM: Presidential nominees wake to D-day

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have posted their first Tweets on election day.

It didn’t take a genius to guess what Trump’s first words were. Clinton, however, changed tact with an intriguing video.

Hillary Clinton’s camp are the latest celebrities to take part in the mannequin challenge.

Husband Bill Clinton, musician Jon Bon Jovi and chairman John Podesta also took part, freezing in odd positions on the plane on their way back to New York.

The challenge, which involves posing like mannequins in dramatic poses, is the latest social media trend to break the internet.

They began to appear late last month online and by last weekend everyone from high school cheerleaders in Texas to the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks had taken part.

6.36AM: Hundreds of voters line up before polling booths open

Voters from all over the US have turned out at least an hour early to cast their vote in today’s election. The queues are growing as people got to polling booths in the dark, rugged up in the cold but ready to choose their next president. Here’s a snapshot of voters out and about.

6.35AM: Election watch parties just 2km apart

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s election watch parties are almost too close for comfort. The candidates will celebrate and commiserate with less than 2.4km between each other in New York.

Trump will host his watch party at the New York Hilton while Clinton will be watching from under the glass ceiling of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Centre.

6.27 AM: Russian ‘Trump’ dolls being sold in Moscow

While Donald Trump has claimed he isn’t friends with Vladimir Putin, Russians can now buy a traditional Russian wooden nesting doll, a Matryoshka doll, depicting the US Republican presidential nominee in gift shops in central Moscow.

6.02 AM: Polls are open

Voting has now begun in New York, Connecticut, part of Indiana, part of Kentucky, Maine, New Jersey and Virginia. Vermont opened at 5am local time.

North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia polling booths open at 6.30am.

Voting in Florida, Delaware, Georgia, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, new Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, part of Tennessee will start at 7am.

5.22AM: Florida early voting surpasses 2000 election turnout

More than six million early votes have been cast in Florida before election day.

Early voting in Florida is up 89 per cent on the 2000 election and in North Carolina it’s up by 79 per cent.

CNN political analyst Rob Brownstein said pollsters often made assumptions about who turns up to the polls.

“If they get those assumptions wrong, it skews everything else,” he said over CNN.

“If Trump loses Florida because of this vote, it’s completely brought on by himself.”

A record number of Americans have voted ahead of election day, driven by a soaring turnout from Latino voters, most of whom back Hillary Clinton.

Mr Brownstein said America was changing and becoming “more diverse”.

5.06AM: How the FBI reviewed 650,000 emails so quickly

The New York Times reports that many of the 650,000 emails found on the computer of disgraced Democrat congressman Anthony Weiner were duplicates, and an unknown portion of those were found to belong to Hillary Clinton’s top aid Huma Abedin.

The FBI used software to sort out the duplicates and staff reviewed the rest, according to authorities.

Just how many of the emails contained information relating to Clinton and Abedin remains unknown.

Donald Trump has argued it was “impossible” to have such a review in such a short space of time. He has claimed the US election is “rigged” and Clinton was “protected” as a result.

3.42AM: What the latest polls are saying

  • Hillary Clinton is still favored to win, with a poll from FiveThirtyEight giving her a 70.9% chance
  • CNN is reporting that Clinton is leading by four points.
  • The ABC News/Washington Post poll had Clinton with a four per cent lead a day out before the election.
  • The final NBC/WallStreetJournal poll also had Clinton in front with a four-point lead.
  • The Reuters/Ipsos state of the nation study puts Clinton on a 90% likelihood of making history.
  • The New York Times sees Clinton on 46% and Trump on 42.9%.
  • Real Clear Politics’ poll has shown a four-way national average – that is, including fringe candidates Gary *Johnson and Jill Stein – also puts Clinton ahead, but by only 2.2 percentage points.
  • A BBC poll of polls gives her a slightly more comfortable cushion of 48% compared to 44%.

3.3AM: Clinton says she’ll ring Trump if he wins

Hillary Clinton says she intends to call rival Donald Trump if she wins the presidency in Tuesday’s election.

The Democratic presidential nominee says in a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest that she hopes Trump will “play a constructive role” in helping bring the country together.

Clinton says in an interview on the final day of campaigning that if she wins, she wants to bring together people who supported Trump for a “national conversation” after the election.

She says she wants to hear from people who supported Trump as well as people who supported her.

No word on if Trump will call Clinton just yet.


3.30AM: What we know so far

  • Early voting began in a trio of small towns in a remote corner of New Hampshire, where Trump beat Clinton 32 to 25 in the overall count. The three communities’ small handful of residents voted at the stroke of midnight, in an election ritual that goes back to the first half of the 20th century.
  • Polls suggest Clinton still has a narrow lead of around three per cent on average as the majority of Americans cast their vote.
  • Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump have campaigned into the early hours of election day as they made their final pitch to US voters. The focus of the final rallies was on the swing states such as North Carolina and Pennsylvania which hold the keys to the presidency.
  • Trump hit five battleground states – Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Michigan – and closed with a late-night rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • Clinton made two stops in Pennsylvania and visit Michigan before wrapping up with a midnight rally in Raleigh, North Carolina. She went to a rally at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall with President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, as well as rock star Bruce Springsteen.