‘Ugh, This Is SO Sad’: ‘Teen Vogue’ Is Now Covering Murders, ICYMI

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By Emily Zanotti | 4:04 pm, January 3, 2017

Thanks to a new editorial policy put into place by an incoming group of directors—and a shift in the market toward more “serious” teen-focused outlets like Rookie Mag—Teen Vogue is now trying to become a go-to outlet for comprehensive political coverage.

But while Teen Vogue has been earning high praise from left-leaning media, integrating serious topics into Teen Vogue‘s steady diet of Justin Bieber collaboration news and quick tips for curly hair is proving an interesting feat.

For instance, in its zeal to bring breaking news about a middle-American murder to its Twitter followers, they may have adopted adolescent parlance in an unworkable way.

Of course, Teen Vogue isn’t this tone deaf when it comes to every story they print. A story about Donald Trump’s Tweet to North Korea at least earned an emoji.

Fortunately, Teen Vogue‘s credibility was fully restored with their next story.

If their social media headlines start getting better on January 9, you’ll know why.