Trump Won’t Attend White House Correspondents’ Dinner – But Hillary Clinton Might

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By Emily Zanotti | 12:54 pm, April 27, 2017

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner was Washington’s premiere event during the Obama years but, under Trump, its star power has definitely declined. Unable to attract even the lesser Kardashians for the gala, rumor has it the event’s only celebrity will be the woman who lost the Presidential election.

WHCD – or “nerd prom” as its known within the Beltway – has a “weirdness factor” this year, say organizers, who aren’t sure who plans to come, and recruited only B-list talent for the event.

Donald Trump certainly won’t attend, preferring to be with “his people” in flyover country instead, and several news outlets told the White House Correspondents’ Association back before Trump was sworn in that they’d be skipping the party because of Trump’s antagonistic attitude toward the mainstream media.

Many White House reporters who would normally attend the dinner will have to travel to Pennsylvania to cover Donald Trump’s rally.

But if there’s a vacuum that needs to be filled by a political personality who has media cache and a completely open schedule, Hillary Clinton is ready to fill it. And the talk is that, although there will be no President, George Clooney or most anyone else for that matter at the WHCD, she could appear.

If that seems too over the top – or, really, “in your face” – there’s also the possibility that she could show up at comedian and host of¬†Full Frontal¬†Samantha Bee’s competing event.

Originally, Bee planned the “un-gala” so that journalists whose media companies were boycotting the event would have somewhere to go and even booked Elvis Costello to perform. But since even the President isn’t showing up, the event has been rebranded an “after-party,” and Bee is a big fan of the failed Democratic Presidential nominee.

As Trump will be in Pennsylvania, leaving no possibility for an awkward encounter with him or his staff, Clinton is free to don her party pantsuit and dance the night away.