Trump Asserts American Dominance by ‘Manspreading’ During Photo Op with Canada’s Justin Trudeau

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By Andrew Stiles | 1:08 pm, February 13, 2017

President Donald Trump asserted his dominance over Canada, a relatively obscure country best known for bordering America, by engaging in an aggressive display of “manspreading” during a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the White House on Monday.

Trump intimidated Trudeau by assuming a wide stance during a photo op in the Oval Office. This is sometimes referred to as “manspreading,” and is a common tactic used by alpha males, including former President Bill Clinton.

Trudeau, meanwhile, signaled weakness during the photo session by keeping his legs in close proximity to another, a behavior sometimes referred to as “cowering before greatness.” The visual evidence speaks for itself:

Here’s a wide view of the “manspreading” action:

Justin Trudeau is beloved by American liberals, ostensibly for his “woke” approach to social justice, but they adore Trudeau mostly because they wish the Democratic Party could have nominated a young, handsome, and charismatic candidate in 2016 instead of Hillary Clinton.

 You can watch a video of the encounter here.