‘Spineless’ Reporters Slammed for Attending ‘Off-the-Record’ Christmas Bash with Donald Trump

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By Andrew Stiles | 3:19 pm, December 19, 2016

Members of the press are, for the most part, not huge fans of Donald Trump. They criticized him as a candidate and they have continued to criticize him after the election. Many have complained about the lack of access to the president-elect in recent weeks and have noted Trump’s reluctance to take questions from reporters in a public setting.

That didn’t stop these reporters from attending an “off-the-record” Christmas bash with Trump at his resort in Mar-A-Lago. Mike Allen, a prominent Beltway stenographer, tweeted out photos of the fancy gathering, while repeatedly noting the “off-the-record” nature of the affair.

CNN political reporter Jeremy Diamond documented the event on Instagram.

Reporters who weren’t invited to the luxurious shindig were pretty annoyed, and lashed out at their peers in the industry for, among other things, “whoring themselves out for access.”

It’s not exactly surprising that the so many members of the press would “sell out” and leap at the chance to pal around with powerful politicians in an “off-the-record” environment. Trump is hardly the first to pull this trick.