Trump the Movie: It’s Inevitable, and We’ve Already Cast It

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By Stephen Miller | 1:31 pm, October 16, 2016


Oliver Stone recently stated that he had no plans to make a Donald Trump picture. Which would be a shame because Stone would be the perfect choice to helm a film about the 2016 campaign in all its Shakespearean glory. A big-screen production about Trump is coming, it’s inevitable. If handled correctly, it could be the next great epic bio-drama.

Stone would be a natural after directing presidential bios such as the W, JFK and Nixon, films that deal in massive casts of great actors in simple supporting roles. But if he were to somehow turn it down, perhaps a David Fincher or Danny Boyle would take the reigns. Here’s hoping that should he read or see this visualization, that Stone reconsiders. I’ve gone ahead and given him a head start by casting the film for him.

Donald Trump


Johnny Depp recently portrayed Trump in heavy prosthetics and make up for Netflix, and he might be the blockbuster out-of-the-box choice. But we’re going for an Oliver Stone, Nixon style epic drama here. Bryan Cranston has stated he would want to play Trump, and I say give him the shot.

Cranston can effortlessly swing from the frantic, bloviating Trump —tweeting at 3 a.m. and yelling about Megan Kelly — to Trump as a quiet, reserved and calculating family man. Cranston can swing from physical comedy (“I don’t know what he said! I don’t remember!”) to deadpan seriousness ( “I like people who don’t get captured”). Plus, Cranston has won an Emmy for playing a racist demagogue president (Lyndon Johnson). An Oscar for playing another controversial political figure would be all assured.

Melania Trump


This would be a coveted role for a long list of actresses pushing 40 (or 50?). Oliver Stone’s Melania must project a quiet strength but possess the physical beauty of an Amazon jungle cat. Uma Thurman fits this description to a T. Thurman also falls into that category of respected actresses still without an Oscar. Playing the love of Trump’s private life and a modern day Gorgo we never see in private would be just the thing to finally garner her that statue.

Ivanka Trump


Like Melania, this would be one of the most coveted roles. Margot Robbie did a great impression of Ivanka on SNL and she would have to be in the running, but Scarlett Johansson edges her out as Trump’s highest-ranking child and top political adviser.



Eric and Donald Jr.
Jared Leto already basically portrayed Eric Trump in Suicide Squad. Just lose the green hair dye and skin bleach and he’s almost a dead ringer. Donald Jr. has that standard hollywood Wall Street or Fifty Shades of Gray aura around him. This is a tough one. Superman’s Henry Cavil could pull it off but he’s too buff. Snowden’s far more slender Joseph Gordon Levitt? Maybe. Ultimately I went against type and went with Andrew Garfield. He’s got the hair …

Hillary Clinton


The obvious choice here would be Meryl Streep, because that’s who network media elite really, really want Hillary to actually be. A more natural choice would be Susan Sarandon, an avid Bernie Sanders supporter who repeatedly denounced Hillary during the Democratic primary. Sarandon’s voice is almost identical to Hillary’s, and she could channel the rage she feels over Hillary rigging the election against Bernie into a dynamite supporting role.

Supporting Characters



Casting all the kooky 2016 supporting characters we’ve come to know and love would be the most challenging aspect of the Trump 2016 mega epic. But a heavy-hitting director like Oliver Stone is known for doing exactly that with his huge cast epics like Platoon, Nixon, JFK, and Natural Born Killers.

Mad Men’s John Slattery is a shoe-in for Mike Pence. Modern Family’s Julie Bowen would bring some basic instinct to Megan Kelly. Jeremy Renner would be perfect and the smug, no-nonsense body man and campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski.

Having a best actor winner play a bit role like Paul Manafort wouldn’t be a problem when that actor is No Country for Old Men‘s Javier Bardem. The Departed’s Ray Winstone would bring a schoolyard bully toughness to Breitbart’s Steve Bannon. Ted Danson has proven he can carry supporting role dramatic chops in Saving Private Ryan and on Curb Your Enthusiasm, where he dispatches Bernie Sanders clone Larry David almost effortlessly.

There are plenty others: Katrina Pierson, Ted Cruz, Roger Stone Jr, Rudy Giuliani, Reince Priebus and Sean Hannity but I’ll leave those up for debate.

It’s one thing for a web pundit to pontificate on who would be best suited for these roles without giving a reader any context, it’s an entirely different thing for a reader to visualize it themselves. So I’ve also gone ahead and pulled every tool from my design arsenal in an effort to save the studio millions of dollars in marketing by producing a one-sheet poster for them as well. Let’s make this happen, America.