Trump Makes Electoral College Win Official as ‘Faithless Electors’ Desert Hillary Clinton

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By Emily Zanotti | 10:41 pm, December 19, 2016

Donald Trump easily climbed over 270 electors on Monday, winning the Electoral College and ending Hillary Clinton’s dream of wooing over so-called “faithless electors.”

And three electors made history by switching parties—but to vote against the Democratic nominee.

The promised Republican elector revolt never materialized, and by 3 p.m. Monday afternoon, Texas, the last “red state” to enter their EC numbers, put Trump at 304 electors. At final count, he lost far fewer than the predicted “20 or 30” faithless electors—those electors who bucked their state law to vote their conscience rather than for the winner of the Presidential election.

In fact, faithless Clinton electors outnumbered faithless Trump electors five to two.

In Texas, two electors voted against Trump. But even the much-feted Republican turncoat elector Chris Suprun didn’t manage to switch parties; he voted for John Kasich.

In Minnesota, a Democratic elector was bumped from the delegation when he announced that he was following the lead of an elector in Maine and forgoing his Clinton vote to log one for Bernie Sanders.

In both Minnesota and Maine, the offending electors were quickly replaced with back-up electors willing to follow state law. An elector in Hawaii also voted for Sanders, but that vote was left in place.

In Washington state, Clinton lost four of her electors. Three voted for Colin Powell, the first time in American history electors actually switched parties. One more voted for Faith Spotted Eagle, a Native American activist who helped lead the protest against the Dakota Access pipeline.

The final tally also marks the first time a Native American woman has received an Electoral College vote.

As the day progressed, things got increasingly difficult for the handful of protesters that showed up in each state capitol to push for overturning Election Day results. In Wisconsin, a protester had to be removed after descending into hysterics at the final tally.

Liberal activists do believe there is one final shot to derail aTrump Presidency. The official results won’t be certified until Congress meets on January 6, and members of the House and Senate are able to push for an official objection to the results.

But while a Congressional challenge to the electoral outcome is unlikely to happen —and even more unlikely to succeed—Clinton’s backers reminded media Monday that they’ve only just begun to fight. “After the inauguration,” they said, “we fight.”