WATCH: Donald Trump Has a Plan to Win the ‘War on Christmas’

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By Heat Street Staff | 11:59 am, December 23, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump has a plan to win the left-wing’s politically correct “War on Christmas.” Massive liberal corporations like Starbucks are ruining Christmas with “green” holiday cups, and constantly spouting propaganda about how it’s more patriotic to say “Happy Holidays” or nothing at all.

“Merry Christmas” is no longer an acceptable form of free expression in many left-wing enclaves across the country, and the media could not care less. Donald Trump might not be able to stop the media from being shameless PC liberals, but he’s going to make sure that it’s safe to say “Merry Christmas” in America under his regime.

You know Trump is serious about winning the War on Christmas because he’s selling a fancy “Make America Great Again” hat ornament on his website for $149.

In recent days, the president-elect has displayed Santa-like generosity by offering the elegantly crafted item at a steep discount.

Merry Christmas, everyone!