Tomi Lahren Is Trying Really Hard to Make You Think She’s Smart

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By Emily Zanotti | 3:51 pm, May 2, 2017

Now that she’s free of the shackles of her contract with The Blaze, Tomi Lahren is giving exclusive tell-all interviews to outlets like Playboy in an effort to rehabilitate her “dumb blonde” image. But it’s not quite working.

Lahren settled her lawsuit against Glenn Beck’s multimedia company on Tuesday, and is now able to pursue other avenues of employment, most likely as an on-air commentator for a conservative network.

But thanks to allegations made in Beck’s counter-suit, it’s now clear that Lahren is difficult to work with, and that her intellectual capability is, at best, skin deep.

Her interview with Playboy does little to dispel that notion, though Lahren tries very hard. Most of her comments are very defensive, ranging from an explanation as to why she doesn’t read books (they’re just too long) to how her high-school GPA proves she knows what she’s talking about.

For starters, Lahren contends that, if she really were as dumb as everyone says she is, would The Blaze have given her a show? After all, One America News Network, where she got her start, had a bunch of models and actresses on staff, but only a handful of the brightest and best got to do commentary.

“If I was just some dumb-dumb who looked pretty, they would have made me an anchor and had me read news from a teleprompter,” she says.

Her academic record, she says, is spotless: ” I’ve also been a 4.0 student my entire life. I graduated with honors from every level of education.” And as for whether she has a background in literature, well, she read everything she needed to read in Honors English in high school, so that’s taken care of.

“I’ve read a lot of the classics through my education as a political-science minor, and all through high school I was in honors English. It’s just not what I do for fun,” she claims.

Political commentators at most levels would disagree, of course; having an in-depth knowledge, especially of controversial subjects, can help to flesh out an argument, hone talking points, even give breath and body to one’s contentious statements.

But whatever, this is Tomi.

She does, at least, read the Internet, which helps her make the case that there is a bias among media elites. Kind of. “[T]here’s Pew research on this, even though a lot of people think I’m stupid and don’t understand what Pew research is.”

Not untrue.

Tomi Lahren has yet to reveal what her next step will be, but The Blaze, at least, seems relieved to be done with her.