Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Win Is Another Epic Fail for Self-Righteous Media

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By Stephen Miller | 1:59 pm, February 6, 2017

The New England Patriots and their “too perfect” quarterback Tom Brady are easy to hate. The coach, Bill Belichick, is a moody grouch. They’ve been caught cheating, which led to a suspension for Brady at the beginning this year. They seem to always win the Super Bowl. They are extremely hate-able.

But this year in media, none of this hate was coming from a place that had anything to do with football. Bob Kraft, the Patriots owner, Belichick and Brady are all friends with newly elected President Trump. This is very problematic, especially in the week leading up to the Super Bowl and for a Social Justice Warrior media culture that demands that everyone from Taylor Swift to Jimmy Fallon speak out and express the “correct” political opinion.

On the largest sports and media stage in the world, several news outlets somehow got it into their heads that Brady’s sole responsibility wasn’t to concentrate on football and lead his team to a fifth Super Bowl title. No, he also had a moral responsibility to denounce his friend and golfing buddy, Donald Trump.

In their attempts to put Brady and the team on notice about their problematic friendship, the media somehow managed to convert former Patriots haters into fans. Because while few institutions are more hate-able than the Patriots, the media is definitely one of those institutions.

Several news outlets insisted Brady had an obligation to renounce his relationship with The Donald, and condemn his controversial refugee ban. The New York Times opined on the “The Uncomfortable Love Affair Between Donald Trump and the New England Patriots.”

Nancy Armour from USA Today argued that Brady “no longer gets a pass” on his chummy relationship with Trump. “Not after this weekend, when the country boiled over in rage and indignation at Trump’s decision to turn America’s back on refugees,” she wrote. Instead, Brady should follow the example set by the “woke” benchwarmer Colin Kaepernick (zero career Super Bowl titles).

Other outlets teed off on Brady using crowdsourced quotes from fans who weren’t sure they could root for their team anymore. “PATRIOTS’ FANS THROW A FLAG ON BRADY, BELICHICK’S SUPPORT FOR DONALD TRUMP” blasted Newsweek. “Some Patriots fans are wavering because of Trump,” declared Dugan Arnett from the Globe, noting that the Women’s March in Boston on January 21 had featured a few signs criticizing the team’s relationship with Trump.

Wonder how they are feeling about that today now that Brady made it explicitly clear during the week he wasn’t going to talk about politics. These outlets insisted Brady and his fans draw a line against Trump, then went on to write how divided we are as a country. Maybe Brady isn’t the problem?

On Twitter, social justice warriors also shared in the media’s embarrassment. Former television personality Touré Neblett preemptively tweeted: “That time John Lewis’s team smashed Trump’s team in the Super Bowl.” We can safely assume Lewis will be boycotting the Patriots parade.

Shaun King, in a now deleted tweet, wrote at halftime: “This is what happens when Trump picks your team to win.” Deray McKesson tweeted: “I hope that the Falcons win and refuse to go to the White House.” Bill Maher, who devoted an entire segment on his show Friday to rooting against the Patriots because of Trump, didn’t fare much better.

Brady didn’t make this an issue because, as it relates to the game on the field, it shouldn’t be an issue.

The lesson to be learned in all of this is simple: The media will only embarrass themselves when they attempt to politically shame either private or public individuals for associating with the “wrong” people. Brady doesn’t owe you an explanation for his friendship with Trump, and certainly not after the greatest Super Bowl comeback in history.

Brady doesn’t owe SJW-clickbait publications a position on refugees unless he chooses to give it. Politicizing your favorite athletes or pop stars only ends in misery for you and your politics. (See the public condemnations of Lady Gaga for not going full Beyonce at halftime.)

Even worse, it will inevitably create more supporters for that evil empire in New England you hate so much.