Tom Arnold Calls on ‘Gamers’ to Hack Into MGM Database for ‘Racist’ Trump Tapes

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By Emily Zanotti | 10:13 pm, December 30, 2016

Just last week, movie star Tom Arnold threatened to release tapes of Trump using racial slurs and swearing at his children on the set of The Apprentice — a video he says he acquired from some of the show’s production assistants.

According to Arnold, he didn’t release the tapes during the election cycle — even though that would likely have damaged Trump’s campaign — because he didn’t want to cause trouble for the employees who made the tapes, and because he didn’t believe the tapes would have any impact on Trump’s election.

But now, it seems, Arnold actually doesn’t have the tapes in his possession. He only knows where they are. Late Thursday night on Twitter, Arnold issued a call to online “gamers,” asking for help in hacking a WordPress blogsite that he says hosts not just the damning tapes, but also, inexplicably, Trump’s tax returns.

It would, of course, be strange to host all of this information in one place, on a single blog, likely on WordPress’s servers. But Arnold persisted — even giving what appears to be the server’s IP address.

The link goes to a facility management software server. It, theoretically, could hold recordings of The Apprentice deep in its bowels.

Both hacking and encouraging hacking are crimes. But Arnold justifies his actions by noting that Trump himself asked hackers to find and release Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 deleted emails from her private bathroom server (Trump later said he was joking).

So far, the Internet has either not responded to Arnold’s call or found nothing, judging by the fact that in the nearly 24 hours since he placed the call for help, Trump’s taxes — and the alleged Apprentice tapes — haven’t appeared.

That hasn’t stopped either Arnold or Trump, who Arnold claims is threatening to sue him over the mere mention of racist Apprentice tapes. Arnold also says he’s working with “Watergate-level” journalists who are prepared to break the news — if and when Arnold comes across it.