Black GOP Senator Tim Scott Absolutely Destroys His Racist Left-Wing Critics

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By Heat Street Staff | 5:18 pm, January 11, 2017
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Senator Tim Scott, an African-American Republican from South Carolina, is under fire for endorsing the nomination of his Senate colleague Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.

Democrats are opposing Sessions on the grounds that he is an irredeemable racist from Alabama. Many do not agree with this assessment, including Scott, which is why angry liberals are targeting him on social media using derogatory and racially charged language.

Scott, for his part, has spent the last couple of days slapping down his trolling with expert counter-trolling. It’s what the online media typically refers to as “clapping back” against “the haters,” and [fire emoji].

“A White man in a black body: Tim Scott backs Jeff Sessions for attorney general,” wrote one outraged individual with a Twitter account.

“Is that like a Liger?” Scott replied on Twitter, a reference to Napoleon Dynamite, a film in which the lead character expresses a fondness for drawing Ligers, described as “like a lion and a tiger mixed, bred for its skills in magic.”

Scott’s fans applauded the sick burn. “Thanks for having a sense of humor,” wrote one user of the social media platform Twitter. “Thank you for being a hero on twitter today,” wrote another.

“The haters” peppered Scott’s Twitter feed with derogatory statements. One described Scott and former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson as “perch boys” for supporting Sessions.

Another individual with a Twitter account referred to Scott as a “house nigga,” which isn’t very nice. But Senator Scott “clapped back” with the perfect response.

“Rekt” is internet┬áslang, and is a synonym for “pwned,” which is also internet slang. Both words translate roughly as “thoroughly destroyed in embarrassing fashion.”