Tiffany Trump Doubles Down, Parties With Her Notorious ‘Snap Pack’ of Moneyed Socialites

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By Emily Zanotti | 1:08 pm, April 24, 2017

“Official” First Daughter Ivanka Trump may be jetting off to Germany for a meeting of the world’s most powerful women, but her sister and “Second Daughter” Tiffany Trump is having some meetings of her own: a reunion of her infamous Instagram “Snap Pack” in NYC.

The “Snap Pack” is a group of twenty-something New York heirs and heiresses, who chronicle their party-hopping lifestyles on social media.

The “privileged but trashy” cadre includes Tiffany, as well as Hollywood starlet Bella Thorne, a Kennedy daughter, a handful of billionaire playboys, and the great-granddaughter of painter Henri Matisse. They refer to each other by code-names and chronicle their liquored-up antics on Instagram.

Tiffany, Trump’s daughter with second wife Marla Maples, was reportedly told to tone down her role in the Snap Pack while her dad was busy running for President. But now that he’s well-entrenched in the Oval Office, shameless Tiffany apparently thinks its fine to go back on scene.

Last week she doubled down on what’s important to her, rejoining the Snap Pack to celebrate Bella Thorne’s TV series, Famous in Love, at NYC’s Downtown Dream Hotel, and posing for the all-to-familiar Instagram photos with the rest of the haute couture crew, including “fashion designer” Andrew Warren (the grandson of real estate mogul David Warren) who cataloged the night.

Congrats to my main B @bellathorne , Thanks for letting me throw you this party for your show #FamousInLove so proud of you ❤❤❤❤ #SweetCornerNyc

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Once the official festivities for Thorne’s project were concluded, the group headed out to the pool, where they stripped down to their swimsuits and posed in the hotel’s hot tub.

Tiffany appears to have skipped out on this part, thankfully showing at least some prudence, considering her father is the leader of the Free World – but that didn’t stop her friends from flashing their pert bottoms for their Insta followers.

Congrats again on #famousinlovetv @bellathorne Thanks for having us @dreamhotels ❤ you B

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But regardless of whether Tiffany donned a swimsuit, this might not be the way for the “Second Daughter” to prove to her now-politically powerful family that she’s ready to be taken as seriously as her older sister, Ivanka – the only daughter the White House appears to acknowledge Trump even has.