There’s Now a Handy App To Help You Boycott Donald Trump

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By Emily Zanotti | 4:16 pm, November 29, 2016

Americans who are still sore over the Presidential election can now take action using just their smartphone.

The Democratic Coalition Against Trump released its “Boycott Donald Trump” app this week in the Apple and Google Play stores, and its designed to help consumers avoid Trump-affiliated retailers (and a few Republican-leaning ones, to boot).

The app is fairly bare-bones, but features a search function that includes hundreds of American businesses. When the app finds a Trumpian match, it pulls up a screen that gives that businesses full corporate name (presumably so that appropriate complaints can be leveled), and lists Trump’s connection.

It also has a handy email collection function so that you can keep up to date with the DCAT’s latest initiatives. Its director, Nate Lermer, told the Huffington Post that the app is just the inaugural effort in a larger, technology-driven grassroots effort aimed at harming Trump’s businesses.

“This app is a first step in our larger Boycott Trump campaign, which will feature a unified grassroots movement centered on holding companies and individuals that help Trump in any way accountable,” he said.

He also told HuffPo that he’s “accepted Donald Trump won the election” and that the app is about empowering individuals to take a small step in resisting the Trump Administration.

Democratic Coalition Against Trump is one of three major entities competing to lead the national boycott against Trump’s businesses and businesses that sell Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump branded merchandise. DCAT has 150,000 members, the “Donald Trump Resistance” has around 30,000, and #GrabYourWallet, the original boycott, has millions of impressions on Twitter.

It will take some time to assess whether Trump’s (and Trump-affiliated) businesses will feel any pain from angry voters, but some of the early boycotts are having a tough time getting off the ground.

#GrabYourWallet has had a handful of stores to sign their pledge to stop selling Trump branded products — home furnishings retailer Bellacor,, and Stein Mart are all among them, as are Internet “outlet” sites Wayfair, Zulily, and RueLaLa — but major retailers like Nordstrom have declined, citing a public desire for Ivanka’s products.

Brand Keys, a marketing research firm that opined on the subject, says that stores may shy away from making public statements or signing on to boycotts because any involvement with an ideology is usually bad for public relations.

But that doesn’t mean consumers can’t make Trump feel the pinch, and that’s just what DCAT intends to do.