FEEL THE BURN: Susan Sarandon DESTROYS Her Pro-Hillary Haters

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By Andrew Stiles | 2:45 pm, November 17, 2016

Hollywood legend Susan Sarandon was not a fan of Hillary Clinton during the Democratic Primary, and she never succumbed to pressure from Democrats to back Clinton in the general election.

I don’t vote with my vagina,” the actress told the BBC in an interview days before the election. “This is bigger than that.”

Sarandon backed Bernie Sanders during the primary, and voted in the general for Green Party nominee Jill Stein, who suggested that Hillary Clinton would be a more dangerous president than Donald Trump.

After Hillary’s humiliating loss, some liberals blamed Sarandon and others who refused to support the Democratic nominee. Sarandon fired back at her critics on Wednesday, posting a tweet listing the dozens of prominent celebrities who backed Clinton, and suggesting stop blaming others and start reflecting on why Clinton wasn’t a very good candidate.

“To all those who find blaming me less painful than introspection, never knew I was so powerful,” Sarandon wrote.

Sarandon also pushed back against liberals who proposed shutting off communication with Trump supporters “who are racist, or excuse racism for their own betterment.” The actress wrote on Twitter that understanding was impossible if “you only expect the worst of an entire group of people.”

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