GWU Students Say Giving Them Police Protection Is an ‘Act of Violence’ (Because of Trump)

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By Andrew Stiles | 10:53 am, November 22, 2016

Student protesters at George Washington University have accused school officials of committing an “act of violence” by providing them with police protection.

The students insist the university’s police cannot keep them safe, and “placing us in these officers’ care is an act of violence, especially for Black students,” because some of the police officers may belong to the Fraternal Order of Police, a union that endorsed Donald Trump.

In the wake of Trump’s victory in the presidential election, which has left many in the campus snowflake community fearing for their “safety,” students at George Washington have marched in protest and issued a series of formal demands to campus administrators.

One of the demands stipulated that school official direct more funding to diversity programs to alleviate the “violence” inflicted by forcing them to endure police protection. The students have also implored campus leaders to “recognize white supremacy,” and to create a “sanctuary campus” for undocumented students.

In a letter to university officials obtained by the College Fix, the angry students  said Trump’s election “has emboldened the structures of oppression that are embedded in our country at all social, political, and economic levels.”

Additional demands include some aggressively anti-Israel stipulations. The university must “increase the acceptance of Palestinian international students to prevent their genocide at the hands of Israel,” the students write, and should withdraw investments from “unethical corporations,” such as those that promote “colonialism and apartheid in Palestine.”

The demands were endorsed by a number of student organizations, including the Feminist Student Union, the Progressive Student Union, and Student for Justice in Palestine.