Stroller-Pushing Woman Attacked Just Steps From Barron Trump’s School

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By Emily Zanotti | 7:16 pm, November 30, 2016

Melania and Barron Trump are staying in New York City while Donald Trump transitions to the White House, just so that Barron can finish the school year at his grammar school on Manhattan’s tony Upper West Side- but dark clouds are gathering.

For the area surrounding Barron’s $40,000-per-year elementary school is experiencing a brutal crime wave that is likely to make even his Secret Service detail cringe.

The Money Comes First tween gang operates out of a small public housing project just around the corner from Barron’s school, and lately they’ve been trading knife slashings and gunfire as they battle with a rival street gang.

And Wednesday afternoon, just in time for lunch, a woman pushing a stroller was knocked down and viciously mugged by two men, just steps away from Barron’s school. Three people were being questioned about the robbery Wednesday evening; it wasn’t clear if they are related to Money Comes First.

Local police have struggled with maintaining order in the area around the school since 2014. Earlier this month, a man was slashed in the face half a block from Barron’s school, leaving a trail of blood for several blocks as he searched for help. Two weeks ago, a 14-year-old, walking in the same area, was stabbed several times in the face and was left with serious, likely “disfiguring” injuries after he interrupted a gang fight.

Money Comes First has also been targeting the wealthy children at Barron’s school, and those at a highly regarded public school just down the street, swiping cell phones and other goodies.  

The Secret Service will likely have to become more involved in the battle to neutralize the criminal activity on New York’s Upper West Side or risk the youngest son of the President-elect being caught in a dangerous confrontation.