Shoppers ‘Punish’ Ivanka Trump With One-Star Amazon Reviews

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By Emily Zanotti | 5:11 pm, December 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton supporters, still angry over their candidate’s loss to Donald Trump, have been taking out their frustrations on his daughter Ivanka’s fashion and accessories lines.

So far, a mix of pressure campaigns and boycotts have met with limited success: several online retailers and web-based outlet stores have dropped Ivanka’s products. But major retailers like Nordstrom and Macy’s have refused to bow to demands, saying that Ivanka’s shoes, dresses and handbags will stay on shelves as long as they continue to be popular with customers.

Amazon, another target of the #GrabYourWallet campaign, also still stocks Ivanka-branded goods, and when they refused to clear their shelves, customers responded by leaving snarky one-star reviews for Ivanka products. Here “women’s Issa brown leather boots” were hardest hit.

One review reads, “these boots are perfectly designed to trample on fellow Americans’ Civil Rights Day or Night.”

Another said “will only fit the 1%.”

Another (uncreatively, and now removed) referenced “glass ceilings.”

I was feeling way over confident and I needed to be put in my place. These ill-fitting boots are a perfect reminder that I should be seen, admired for my womanly “virtues”, rated in a scale from 1-10, and occasionally grabbed by my kitty cat. With these boots I feel like I am closer to the beautiful glass ceilings that allow natural light in to our offices – but certainly not close enough to break them.

Others complained that they received “two extremely right boots.”

Amazon seems to have mitigated the damage by only displaying “verified purchases” directly under the actual item, but the negative reviews (and a few “ironic” positive ones), are still available if you click through.

Naturally, the campaign to harm Ivanka’s business started with feminists angry that Ivanka is “complicit” in her father’s agenda. “Ivanka hasn’t made any public statements repudiating the hate speech and hate crimes that we’ve seen as of late… She has normalized her father’s predatory sexual behavior,” one of the reviewers, Amy Finkel, told Yahoo News.

Another female reviewer said that boots are made for “stomping on the Patriarchy,” a pastime Ivanka seems to have no time for. “I feel particularly betrayed by Ivanka as a Trump surrogate….Boots for stomping on the patriarchy! I am pretty sure Ivanka is beyond hope, but it would be nice if potential boot-buyers were made aware of their problematic purchase.”

Others complained about Trump’s “parental leave” policy, claiming that the proposal, which includes paid maternity leave for biological and adoptive parents, “only offers benefits to those who birth babies out of their actual vaginas.”

Finkel did tell media that the reviews are not “isolated” political action. She also phone-banked for Hillary Clinton and started a petition.