Sarah Palin Apologizes to WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange, Forgives Him for Hacking Her Emails

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By Andrew Stiles | 11:16 am, January 4, 2017

Talk about a change of heart. Former celebrity and politician Sarah Palin used to think WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was an “anti-American operative” who should be “pursued with the same urgency we pursue al Qaeda and Taliban leaders.”

That was 2010, years after WikiLeaks published emails hacked from Palin’s Yahoo account. Now, after Assange and his affiliates spent the better part of 2016 exposing emails hacked from Democratic Party leaders, including Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, the former Alaska governor no longer thinks the Swedish fugitive should be hunted down like a terrorist.

Palin issued a formal apology to Assange in a message posted on her Facebook account late Tuesday ahead of Fox News host Sean Hannity’s exclusive interview with the WikiLeaks mastermind, in which Assange revealed that Podesta’s emails could’ve been stolen by a “14-year-old kid.”

“I apologize for condemning Assange when he published my infamous (and proven noncontroversial, relatively boring) emails years ago,” Palin wrote on Facebook. “As I said at the time of being targeted and my subsequent condemnation, though, the line must be drawn before our troops or innocent lives deserving protection would be put at risk as a result of published emails. Julian, I apologize.”

Palin praised Assange for exposing the “atrocious actions and attitudes” of the political left and the media. “This important information that finally opened people’s eyes to democrat candidates and operatives would not have been exposed were it not for Julian Assange,” she wrote.