HumiliaTED: Sad-Eyed Cruz Becomes a Hilarious Meme

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By Andrew Stiles | 6:43 pm, October 6, 2016

Ted Cruz was in Texas on Monday making phone calls on behalf of Republicans in a room full of Trump signs. He looked very sad, like a man who had been stripped of all dignity after (sort of) endorsing the man who insulted his wife and suggested his father played a role in the JFK assassination.

Some people were quick to point out that Cruz wasn’t explicitly asking voters to support Donald Trump. But the image of a sad, humilia-Ted Cruz reluctantly doing political grunt work on behalf of Donald Trump instantly became an meme on the internet.

This seems to be a pattern for former Trump opponents and critics who have endorsed the Republican nominee. Chris Christie, for example, reportedly fetches Trump’s meals at McDonald’s like a good boy.

Who will be next?