Russian TV Says Trump Could Suffer Coup D’Etat Because of His Quest to End ‘American Corruption’

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By Masha Froliak | 1:01 pm, December 20, 2016
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A popular TV anchor on one of the leading Russian state-owned channels has warned that the U.S. President-elect is at risk of being overthrown because of his effort to root out malfeasance among U.S. companies.

In his prime time Sunday news program, Dmitri Kiselyov suggested that Trump is in trouble and could be ousted all because of his noble cause of fighting “American corruption.”

“Donald Trump has not had time to take office, but he’s already faced with attempts to overthrow him. We are talking about a coup d’etat,” the anchor said.

Kiselyov argued that “fearful American corporations” supported Clinton, because Trump promised to battle the corruption, and suggested that protests against Trump were being financed by big businesses.

According to this Russian outlet, Putin’s influence in America’s elections is a fake narrative that is being used simply as a excuse to overthrow Trump. “Somebody is interested in pushing this theory, and this somebody has a lot of money. We are talking about large corporations and U.S. arms companies. They are for Clinton. She’s compliant and quiet,” Kiselyov said. “These firms are not expecting any surprises from her. Unlike Trump who promises to battle the corruption.”

Trump’s tweet about Lockheed Martin’s overpriced planes, which caused the company’s stock to plunge, was seen by the Russian news program as the beginning of Trump’s effort to rein in powerful business interests.

Kiselyov is  a hugely popular and influential figure in Russia, with millions of people swearing by his news program. He has been a big Trump supporter throughout the elections and continues to dedicate much of the air time to his favorite topic —U.S. President-elect Donald Trump.

He is also known for his anti-Western polemics and was dubbed the Kremlin’s propagandist-in-chief by The Economist.