Russian Government Trolls ‘Hapless’ Obama with Lame Duck Tweet

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By Andrew Stiles | 4:27 pm, December 29, 2016

President Obama on Thursday finally announced retaliatory measures against the Russian government for its involvement in cyber-attacks against Democratic Party entities and individuals.

In addition to imposing new sanctions against Russian intelligence agencies, the White House ordered the immediate expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats it identified as “intelligence operatives” living in the United States. It did not take long for the Russian government to issue a response, of sorts.

The Russian Embassy in London fired off a snarky tweet calling the president’s actions a “Cold War deja vu,” and noting with glee the fact that the “hapless” Obama administration won’t be around much longer.

“Everybody, [including the American] people, will be glad to see the last of this hapless [Administration],” the tweet read, accompanied by a photo of a lame duck.

Sick burn, comrades.

President-elect Donald Trump, who has signaled a willingness to improve U.S. relations with the Russian government, has yet to respond to the White House announcement.