Roger Ailes Spotted with Rudy Giuliani For Donald Trump in Cleveland, Ohio

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By Louise Mensch | 2:09 pm, October 4, 2016

Rudy Giuliani, the Trump surrogate and current message meltdown King, is in Cleveland Ohio today to thank a police union there for endorsing Donald Trump.

But there appeared to be a sighting of Roger Ailes, Trump campaign advisor, in the back seat of Rudy’s limo – and never has some disciplined messaging been more needed.

Trump’s campaign is reeling from his 3 am Alicia Machado tweetstorm, the revelation that he paid no taxes and lost a billion dollars, and in Ohio and Pennsylvania, that in his last three out of four construction projects, Trump opted for Chinese steel, taking the bread out of the mouth of rust belt workers.

Trump’s bigging up of Vladimir Putin and the embarrassment of Julian Assange’s failed take-down attempt this morning is another bad news cycle, along with his apparent assertion that ‘strong’ vets don’t get PTSD. Independent Conservative Evan McMullin, a former CIA agent, on the ballot in Ohio, slammed this bad news in the Rust Belt in an exclusive interview with Heat Street earlier today (watch here).

Roger Ailes will also want to to rein in Giuliani, who disastrously suggested Trump stay off the debate stage after he choked with Hillary in the first debate.